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FC Barcelona's Thiago is great (I still want Arsenal FC's Cesc Fábregas)

I'm better than Cesc!
I'm better than Cesc!

Amazing performance by Thiago in the Audi Cup yesterday, wasn't it?

If he keeps this performance up, he just might fulfill the "He's better than Fábregas" nonsense people have been writing on this blog.

Or at least it seemed like nonsense back then. Right now they're looking like the smartest men alive aren't they?

Well I'm going to go bold just like they did before and see if it pans out for me too:

I still want Cesc at Barça.


Because you can never have enough talent. And if anything, Thiago has made Barcelona stronger both in midfield and in the negotiating table with Arsenal.

Before Thiago's irruption, Barça seemed to need a midfielder in case Xavi and Iniesta went down. Arsenal owned the bargaining table. That's why they wanted to put the then-promising Alcántara in the deal. Arsene Wenger and the Gunners had the upper hand.

Now they don't. What happens if Cesc doesn't come? Nothing. Nothing at all. We have a terrific midfield right now. Good enough to compete for every single title out there.

But what happens if Fábregas lands? Well, then it's a case of the rich getting richer. And I assure you I'm a greedy bastard. And I'm sure Pep is one too.

With Cesc we could potentially have the World's two best midfields... in the same team.

On one side, the trio we know and love: Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. And on the other, Mascherano, Thiago and Cesc Fábregas. I honestly don't know which one is better. But just by having all of those players in the same team your opponents get worse and you get even better. Barça would own the idea of midfielders itself. Playing Monopoly in football if you will.

So I'm with Pep Guardiola on this one. I want Cesc Fábregas as a Blaugrana.

What's there to lose?

Fábregas doesn't play because Thiago is great and we lost some money?

At least Cesc isn't with Arsenal. Or Milan. Or Real Madrid, for that matter.

Maybe Thiago won't play because Fábregas excels and leaves him on the bench.

Either way: Barça wins.

And las time I checked we're rooting for the club, not for Thiago Alcántara.

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