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FC Barcelona: More than a goal, end Polio

"Més que un club"

While Barcelona’s highly publicised approach of Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas serves only to warp opinions of the Blaugrana, the club have shown once again why they are "more than a club".

Currently on tour in the United States of America, Barcelona took time out of their preparations for Saturday’s friendly with Manchester United to promote their newest link. While Blackburn make cringe-worthy adverts, and Manchester City conveniently sign a sponsorship deal worth £400 million, Barcelona are making headlines for the right reasons.

"More than a goal, let’s get rid of polio"

FC Barcelona - More than a goal. End Polio (via fcbarcelona)

As the video says, Polio is 99% eradicated from our planet, and while some are content with that figure, Barcelona with the help of Bill Gates, are attempting to add that extra 1%.

Applying their philosophy of hard work, and giving that extra percent to something that will truly make a difference is unprecedented. Question is:

Why aren’t other clubs following suit?

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