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Weekly Review: Week 26 ǀ Where are Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas and Chile's Alexis Sanchez?

That's not the FC Barcelona offices, isn't it?
That's not the FC Barcelona offices, isn't it?

Sunday Morning Night…as I have made it well known on Twitter, I absolutely hate this day. Usually, I kill my downtime with consuming lots of lots of football, but due to the summer break there’s no interesting match on TV. Lorenzo suggested that I should watch Tennis, Nadal vs. Djokovic. Well, I’m not a big Tennis fan and watching anything involving a Real Madrid fan is not my idea of spending Sunday afternoon. The weather is as equally fickle as my mood, hence no beer garden for me. When I think about it, I hate German summers too.

On the FC Barcelona news front…nothing, nothing of importance or relevance. Just last week a major football website proclaimed that Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas could be announced as FC Barcelona players by Friday, July 1st. 10 days later and neither, Alexis Sanchez nor Cesc Fabregas have signed a contract with the Blaugrana. On Monday we have launched a new weekly column at Barca Blaugranes, San Lunes, for our Spanish-speaking readers.

Speaking of our readers, even though I have been rather low key these last couple of weeks I’m always available for suggestions or criticism. I try to answer every email that comes my way. If I have been informed correctly some people are not overly delighted at the fact that I’m still running this site, duly noted. I’m getting tired of the constant flack I receive for recruiting Sabrina Dessipe. Seriously, don’t you guys have anything better to do than criticizing her at any given opportunity? She’s an avid Arsenal FC fan, so? If memory serves me correct, and it usually does, Sabrina has her own column and her job description specifically ask her to be a non-Barca fanatic.

Arron Duckling and Sabrina Dessipe had their little issues and disagreements, both published very interesting articles regarding Thiago/Cesc Fabregas. Personally, I enjoyed the Barca Blaugranes edition of Family Feud. Everybody seems to have an opinion, if that’s a good thing remains to be seen, but only a few actually sit down and articulate them in proper fashion, write an article. So please take advantage of our FanPost feature.

On another not totally unrelated note, fan-favorite and Arsenal FC chief irritator, Manuel Traquete is not returning to Barca Blaugranes.

So that’s it.

Yours truly,


Can somebody please send a couple of story ideas my way? I’m kind of burnt out.

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