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FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United Special Feature: Blaugranes Podcast feat. The Busby Babe's Gene Um

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

it had to happen at some point, our first Blaugranes podcast. Although it has been long announced…I kind of dropped the ball on multiple occasions. Jose is still distraught at the fact that he didn’t become the first guest on the Blaugranes podcast. Nevertheless, it gave me the chance to talk with Gene Um from SB Nation’s Manchester United blog, The Busby Babe. Frankly, I think I’m a horrible host, at least on this episode. I will work on my "on-air presence". However Gene was an impeccable guest and he shared some unique insights. Apparently Xavi is Gene’s favorite non-Manchester player….um, you can’t have him!!! We even touched on a couple of other topics, the noisy neighbors (read: Manchester City) and their capture of Atletico Madrid's Sergio Agüero.

I hope you can enjoy the first, and hopefully not last, Blaugranes podcast. Nonetheless, I dare you to post comments like "why didn’t you ask him this or that" because you quite simply didn’t submit a question. No questions, no complaints!



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