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Carlos Tevez to Real Madrid? Why FC Barcelona should move for Gonzalo Higuain

Why not?
Why not?

Last night, Carlos Tevez rocked Manchester City by reiterating his desire to leave, citing that he could not stand to spend any longer away from his family. I could point out that any of his desired destinations are just as far, if not further from Buenos Aires, but I am not that ignorant. Tevez wants a big move, to one of Europe’s prestige clubs, where his family are more likely to relocate.

So, goodbye England, hello either Italy or Spain. As this is a Barcelona blog, you may think you know where this is headed. I want Tevez instead of Alexis Sanchez, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. Back in December, when Tevez originally requested a transfer, one may remember the article I posted, hoping that he would sign.

However, time has changed my opinion, and I know that a move for Tevez is out of reach, and probably ill-advised too. For Real Madrid though, it could be regarded as a masterstroke.

Dogged, determined, dangerous; Carlos Tevez has all the attributes to succeed for Mourinho’s Los Blancos. He would instantly command a starting berth, and that is where things get interesting.

Should he play upfront, then he is displacing Gonzalo Higuain. Thinking about it, that’s the only position he would play in Mourinho’s 4-2-3-1, as the Trequartista role is filled impeccably by Mesut Ozil, and each wing is occupied by either Ronaldo or Di Maria. Each of those three were either Mourinho signings or Ronaldo, so their places are safe.

A change of formation is out of question in my mind, so Tevez would play in attack, demoting Higuain to the bench. Here’s where Barcelona could come in.

Is Higuain going to settle for a place on the bench? Doubtful.

Why not make a cheeky offer, and let the player decide?

Like my proposal yesterday, this is pretty unlikely, but in principal, is quite a good idea (at least in my opinion!)

I have been against spending the huge sums quoted for Alexis Sanchez, after all, he represents a big risk, though Higuain does not fall into such a category. Gonzalo would fall into the category of proven goalscorer, one I would be willing to spend money on. One can imagine that he gets on well with Lionel Messi, and would have no problem adapting to Barcelona’s infamous style of play.

At 23 he is one for the future too, and just a year older than Udineses' Sanchez. Whether he could displace Villa or Pedro is beyond me, but as Sebastian has noted before, Villa is soon going to be on the wrong side of 30. The huge amount of money Guardiola and Rosell spent on him was absurd considering his age. His advanced age means that one could expect notably decline in his performance in the next season or two. That is if we aren’t witnessing it already...

Anyway, Higuain would be Villa’s replacement, and while Bojan will always be a personal favourite of mine, I would hold more hope for Higuain than him! Who else is beginning to like this move?

Not only would his performances impress, but the price tag would be considerably lower than if Sanchez met all the variables (around £30-£40 million in my best guesses). Furthermore signing him would be a huge statement of intent from Sandro Rosell. This, coupled with Fabregas’ return, would make Sandro Rosell appear like a demi-God by some cules, myself included. I would be confident that the success of this club would secured for years to come.

If only there was some way to get him to read this ;)

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