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Barca Blaugranes is an open forum...for anyone. Well, almost.

Can't we be civil?
Can't we be civil?

Usually I wouldn’t mind addressing a particular entry on Barca Blaugranes, but apparently emotions run high after Sabrina’s latest post.

FC Barcelona and "Tapping Up" - Barca Blaugranes
Tapping up has been a part of the sport since the very first players’ transfers. We all know that every club is involved in some form of tapping up be it subtle and mild or blatant and serious. Let’s say a mild tapping up might be, someone associated with one club saying that another clubs player is "the kind of player" that would fit in well at their club. While a serious case of tapping up is more like launching (or feeding into however you want to see it) a media campaign to create the type of atmosphere in the other club’s camp that would lead the player to force a move. Feel free to disagree with the above statements; we can hash it out in the comments if you’d like.


Personally, I think her opinion has some merit, not to mention legitimacy. I will never get tired of hearing this one argument “Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if you write on an Arsenal blog?” Yes, of course it would but then again, the title of the column is “From the sidelines”. Perhaps she, or better I, should’ve written an editor’s note on top of her original piece. I didn’t. Not because I forgot to, but because I assumed our readers would’ve been familiar with her work/column by now. Not to single out specific individuals but I’m rather allergic to some of the comments I’ve read on her article. And it’s always the same weak argument “You are an Arsenal fan and you can’t write about FC Barcelona”. Well, she can and she does. How about that?

Freedom of speech in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws, with the exception of obscenity, defamation, incitement to riot, and fighting words,[1] as well as harassment, privileged communications, trade secrets, classified material, copyright, patents, military conduct, commercial speech such as advertising, and time, place and manner restrictions.

If you disagree with her opinion, feel free to sit your butts down and write a proper antithesis. After all, your opinion is just as valid as hers, or anyone else’s for that matter. Unfortunately for all my critics and people who generally dislike me, which are a couple, I can (and will) run this blog as I see fit. I never wanted Barca Blaugranes to degenerate into a Barca love fest. If that’s what you are looking for – this is definitely not the site to be. Although we will always be slightly biased in our views, after all this is SB Nation’s FC Barcelona blog, we aspire to have a sober and neutral perspective. At the very least Sabrina’s latest entry sparked a debate, a discussion. Besides the world is not coming to an end because of one column, one for crying out loud!

If her piece has set you off – wait until you see what I have in stores for you in the next couple of weeks and months.

Yours truly (depending on whether you like me or not, but I'm inclined to believe everyone does),




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