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FC Barcelona are expected to sign Cesc Fabregas "by the end of the week"

Is Cesc finally waving goodbye to North London?
Is Cesc finally waving goodbye to North London?

Dare I say it? Could it be true? The longest and most tedious saga in the history of football is finally drawing to a close, brace yourself:

FC Barcelona are on the verge of completing the signing of Cesc Fabregas.

Once more, Barca are gonna sign Fabregas.

This was a story that broke this morning, on the Twitter account of well-known Spanish football journalist, and extremely well-connected, Guillem Balague. The reports were broadcast on SkySports, one of many media outlets that Ballague works for.

Since then, the BBC has learnt that Fabregas is on the verge of completing his move "back home". This was backed up by "a high-ranking Arsenal source" which is presumed to be a board member.

The deal is expected to be 29 million upfront, with a further 5 million from Fabregas himself (Cesc will take a 1 million per year wage cut) and €6 million in variables. These variables are still being discussed, but it is thought the deal will be done by the end of the week.

Could it be that Cesc is joining the Blaugrana? All signs are pointing to yes.

The end is nigh.

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