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The Weekly Review: Week 32 ǀ Arsenal FC & FC Barcelona reach agreement over the transfer of Cesc Fabregas (Official)

Welcome home Cesc. I still believe we don't need you.
Welcome home Cesc. I still believe we don't need you.

The arguably longest running transfer saga of recent memory, even longer than the prolonged flirtation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, has finally come to an end. The long lost, but not missed, (Catalan) son will return to the familiar shores of Barcelona, as early as Monday. Though I still believe his acquisition is more luxury than an absolute necessity, I’m kind of glad this never-ending story has come to its conclusion. While Culés worldwide rejoice and are ecstatic about the imminent arrival of Cesc (hell, even I tweeted "welcome home Cesc"), I still remain skeptical and can’t comprehend the logic behind his signing. What exactly is he going to add to the team??? If anything, Cesc Fabregas is offering a viable goal-scoring threat from central midfield. In the summer of 2011, FC Barcelona has essentially spent their whole transfer budget on the addition of two benchwarmers, Alexis Sanchez (€26m +11,5m in add-ons) and Cesc Fabregas (a rumored sum of €40m). I will never get tired of saying, or better yet, writing this – FC Barcelona need a proven center-back. Not another overpriced benchwarmer! Judging by the first-leg performance of Lionel Messi & Co. against eternal rivals, Real Madrid, Los Blancos are quickly catching up with the Catalans. Aided by what has to be the best bench in world football, the club from the Spanish capital has, for longs spells of the game, contained and nullified FC Barcelona’s brand of tika taka football. Never during Pep Guardiola’s reign has FC Barcelona’s defense looked so fragile. Time and again have Cristiano Ronaldo and his cohorts exposed FC Barcelona's glaring weakness, central defense. Even chronic Clasico underperformers, Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira looked sharp. Carles Puyol is still unavailable, and should Gerard Pique suffer a long-term injury, which is not impossible, FC Barcelona can kiss their title ambitions, both, domestic and continental, goodbye. So while I’m glad the Cesc saga has ended, I’m worried about the overall competiveness of the squad.

Sticking to the FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Clasico) theme, it appears as if Barca Blaugranes is more popular than first assumed. We’re still far away from generating HUGE numbers, but we’re working our butts off to get there. Anyways, by the time of this writing Barca Blaugranes has/had one fairly popular follower, Real Madrid TV presenter, Kay Murray. Though we are reasonably flattered that our work has caught the attention of people working in the Football industry, especially female ones, we are still kind of clueless as to why a Real Madrid employee follows us. Personally speaking, I think Mrs. Murray is reasonably attractive – not hot but attractive. After all, Mrs. Murray is an employee of Real Madrid; hence her "hotness" factor will never go beyond "lukewarm". That, and my personal preference for brunettes. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t receive a tweet from her but Barca Blaugranes Senior Editor, Jose.


Though I urge people to follow me on Twitter, I’m kind of über-paranoid and have my settings on private. Jose however received a tweet from Mrs. Murray. Nevertheless, Jose and I are still clueless to which incident Mrs. Murray alluded in her tweet. I’m damn sure she’s not following me and Jose is as elusive as they come. I know I’m not abusing the Barca Blaugranes Twitter account for personal interaction, so what is she referring to?

At any rate, if a Real Madrid employee follows our work, does that mean Sandro Rosell frequents this blog too? If that’s the case then I’m royally screwed. On more than one occasion did I liken Sandro Rosell, Andoni Zubizaretta & Pep Guardiola to the Three Stooges. Mr. Rosell, I was just poking fun at you. Now was I? Arrr, screw it. Mr. Rosell you do look like the popular anime character Lupin III. Thanks to your Catalan madness I, and millions of other foreigners, can’t become a Socio.

Even though it’s a longshot and more than just unlikely, I want to take advantage of this opportunity and give a shout out to Gina Carano. She’d probably whop my a** but I can’t help it, she’s hot! I have never been attracted to violent girls but I’ll make an exception for her.

Gina, I’ll leave my girlfriend for you.

Here’s the list of (semi) celebrities I’d leave my girlfriend for:

On second thought, Keri Hilson is #1 by a large margin. She just has something freaky and nasty about her that screams "Forbidden".

Notable mention:

Minka Kelly. But she gets a considerable point deduction because she is engaged to serial dater, Derek Jeter. Honestly, is there any female in the United States he hasn’t dated yet?

Anyways, I’m out of here.

Yours truly,


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