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FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Supercopa Clasico Countdown

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Just in case you have missed our extensive coverage on all things Clasico….and Cesc Fabregas, here’s the chance to catch up before the main event later this evening. I hope you enjoy this Barca Blaugranes compilation and join us in our Game Thread later on.

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FC Barcelona Rebuilds On The Fly With The Acquisition Of Cesc Fàbregas
Barcelona is an attack-minded club that employs a tried-and-true system, one that hinges on the presence of a certain type of player- the skilled midfield playmaker. Through the years, the club has exhibited an exceptional ability to identify, acquire and maximize the talent of such players. As much as any acquisition made by the club in recent years, FC Barcelona is simply staying true to the system responsible for so much glory and success.


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FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: 2nd leg Supercopa Clasico preview - Barca Blaugranes
Though FC Barcelona overcame a one goal deficit and, for a while, even led in the first leg of the Supercopa, the Blaugrana were lucky to escape the Santiago Bernabeu with a point. Taking all into account, the 2-2 draw past Sunday was perhaps the worst Clasico performance by FC Barcelona in the Pep Guardiola era. Frankly, I still can’t identify a positive in Barca’s woeful display. To many fans the explanation was as obvious as it is simple, FC Barcelona were missing Xavi. While there might be some merit to this suspicion, as wonderful a football player he is, he is still just a single player in a collective of many. It’s a weak argument. 

A Brief Moment in El Clásico History: Supercopa de España - Barca Blaugranes
Unlike in other major football leagues in Europe, the Super Cup is in Spain played over two legs resulting in eight games played between the rivals over the course of history. Five games have been won by the Los Blancos while in only two the victorious side were the Blaugrana; one game ended in a draw. Real Madrid also holds a comfortable lead in goal difference, scoring 17 and conceding 8.

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: A Clasico that is all fight and never lives up to the hype
More so when we speak of such a traditional rivalry as is Barcelona vs. Real, it generates an atmosphere of having to win at all cost. Having to win at all cost means anything and everything goes, if you have to injure someone, do it. If you have to cheat, do it. If the fans aren't pleased, they are the loosing teams fans because yours are happy you won. If you win, even in controversy, the victory is all that matters. The tragic part about all this is that it's acceptable because the fans accept it.

El Clasico: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Tactical Analysis - Barca Blaugranes
Perhaps the partisan crowd at the Camp Nou will influence a few decisions, and the referee will make the correct call. Either way, I am supremely confident for Barcelona’s chances, and with morale on a high after the signing of Cesc Fabregas, tomorrow night could well be the next trophy in the cabinet for Guardiola and co.

El Clasico Super Cup Special: Spanish Civil War, Alfredo Di Stefano and Two Contrasting Cultures
Football back in the day was a major influence on the people of Spain, and hence the two clubs became a symbol of republicanism and federalism for the supporters of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.  In 1953, the tensions were fueled up by a young Argentine by the name of Alfredo Di Stefano, who later went on to become a legend at Real Madrid, and disputed by many as the greatest footballer ever.

The Curious Cases of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid's Recent Transfer Records

In contrast, Barça did not devote any money to a glaring weakness (their lack of depth at CB, especially in light of Puyol and Piqué's injuries, and what seems like a failed la Masia callup in Fontás), and instead allotted €37 million to buy a semi-redundant--albeit supremely talented--backup player in Aléxis Sánchez (after they allowed quite a few promising, young and cheap la Masia graduates that played that same position to leave for greener pastures), while purchasing** (for €45 million) the rights to another redundant player—Cesc Fábregas, who will become a very talked-about backup, first to Xavi, then possibly to Thiago Alcántara. This will ultimately cost the culé's about €80 million (not counting money coming in to the club from player sales).


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