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USA Tour Results: C.D. Guadalajara demolish FC Barcelona 4-1

The last hope of a bad defense and a goalkeeping mishap, the linesman.
The last hope of a bad defense and a goalkeeping mishap, the linesman.
Barcelona today lost their second straight game of their three leg USA tour in shocking fashion. Chivas were the deserved winners after a spectacular second half in which they put four goals into Barcelona's net and absolutely ran riot. This is the type of victory Real Madrid along with many other clubs, have dreamed about achieving against Barcelona and one which today, Chivas Guadalajara achieved in breathtaking fashion at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida in front of 70 thousand fans. For any Barcelona fan, although this is pre-season, that was an awful game to watch if your a supporter of the Blaugrana.

The game started lively with Chivas giving every Barcelona fan a clear glimpse of what was to come when in the initial minute of the game Pinto and the Barcelona defense were beaten only for Abidal to save a goal off the line. Barcelona really looked vulnerable but then looked to impose their authority on the match quickly. David Villa struck on minute four to make it 1-0 after a long range pass, delivered by Pique, was brought down by the striker who rounded the keeper and slid the ball into the net. All was well in that moment for Barcelona although they weren't imposing themselves on the match and even exchanges ensued. Carmona then hit the post four minutes later and once again would fail to score on 27 minutes when he was unable to beat Chiva's keeper Michel on the 1-on-1. Barcelona seemed to be having the best of the clear scoring chances but a troubling trend started to develop in these minutes that would prove costly. Pinto began to be tested by long range efforts by Chivas and he consistently gave away rebounds that left him and his defenders exposed. The last chance of the half would fall to David Villa who face Michel on another 1-on-1 but opted for the chip which he failed to convert. The half ended and Barcelona were winning 1-0.

In the second period Guardiola opted to withdraw Villa, Xavi, Pique,Thiago, and many of his initial squad for other B team players backed up by Pedro, Iniesta, Adriano, and Busquets. Starters that remained from the first half for the second were Pinto, Dos Santos, and Keita. Some of the recognizable new faces from Barcelona B were Gerard Deulofeu, Marc Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, and Sergi Gomez. However as soon as Pep inserted his new team on the pitch the game changed considerably and Barcelona's young guns looked very much out of their element.

If Chivas were going to teach a lesson to Guardiola tonight it would be the following; even though this is pre-season, were are a professional team, don't insult us and don't insult the 70 thousand that came to see a game by inserting such a weak team. So the footballing lesson was to begin and the curve proved too steep for Guardiola's pupils.

The revival of Chivas began out of the blue, much like Thiago has accustomed us this pre-season to scoring 30 yard goals out of nothing except, this time it was a Chivas player, and soon to be the MOTM. Marcos Fabian of Guadalajara unleashed a 30 yard howitzer at Pinto who was way off the mark, and restored parity for Chivas, 1-1 on 60 minutes. The marking was lax, Pinto's position was questionable, and so the cost was paid, game on! However it seemed no one informed Guardiola or Barcelona that the game would continue.

Fabian drove the message and the lesson home to Guardiola and his pupils again when on 63 minutes Muniesa was beat down the left side and a cross came in which Pinto did not even attempt to go out and clear and which left his defense in disarray. Marcos Fabian however, was not in disarray as he rose into the air and delivered a spectacular bicycle kick right into Barcelona's net, 2-1. Chivas had Barcelona by the scruff of their necks but were not done. Barcelona at this point were in a tight spot, having to either fight for pride or opt for embarrassment, they opted for the later.

Once again down the left, Muniesa once again being easy pray for the experienced Chivas players, was left behind. The cross came in, low this time, Casillas from Chivas was there to catch it since Busquets and Gomez weren't there, Pinto to ground, and ball in the net. Casillas of Guadalajara made it 3-1 for Chivas and already slight boos started to reign down from the crowd and the lesson was just reaching grading time on 72 minutes. Well, as if this wasn't enough insult for the 70 thousand of mostly Barcelona fans, the final grade was yet to come.

When a game proves to be so one sided, referees should have mercy on the loosing side and not give extra time, but of course that's just an opinion and not one that was held by the man in charge. So four minutes of extra time were given and the fourth goal arrived. Pinto's mistake was finally costly and the final slap in the face to Pep's B team and Barcelona fans alike, delivered. In the second minute of extra time a corner was given, Pinto rejected the cross but the rebound landed straight to Verduzco from Chivas who made Pinto pay for his terrible night of goalkeeping.

4-1 Yes, you read it right as I'm sure you've been counting, was the count, and Chivas deservedly embarrassed Barcelona and gave them an F for effort and an F for the total Fiasco that was. If Pep is serious about a pre-season and even has slight respect for the record crowds that come to see the ever popular Barcelona, then he's now forced to field a strong lineup and win the last match of the tour if he is to avoid another lopsided scoreline that not only embarrasses his team, but gives the fans a poor showing for the good money they pay to come out and see the best team in the world.

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