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FC Barcelona Transfers: £40 million for Arsenal FC's Cesc Fabregas? Thanks, but no thanks.

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There are two sides to every story but the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga has everything you would ask for, Arsene Wenger’s love for his talisman, Pep’s over enthusiasm to sign the former Barcelona prodigy, Cesc’s tightlipped-ness over the whole saga as it drags into August and then what an economist would call the ‘opportunity cost’ of that £40 million quid required to acquire Fabregas’ services. 

From the outset, there were indications that Pep Guardiola would go all guns blazing to get his man this season,  whereas Arsene Wenger is doing all in his power to make sure that doesn't happen and has succeeded in doing so till now, but the question is ‘Can Barcelona afford to pay £40 million for him?’.. and 'Do they really want him'?



For starters, let us take up the case of Thiago Alcantara. The young midfielder has really come into his own during pre-season and has shown great promise, and composure, something reminiscent of the great Xavi, who not to forget is going to be the anchorman for Barcelona once again next season.

So spending 40 million quid for Cesc Fabregas seems a little odd and seems more like a luxury Barcelona can ill afford at this time especially when Xavi all set to take up his regular position and Thiago doing the stand-by duties.  

Barcelona’s main priority this season should have been the need to bolster their defense- and with 3 weeks left, the defense still looks as if it needs a touch up, here and there. 

With Gabriel Milito parting ways with the Catalans and Carles Puyol not getting any younger, a decent center-back is certainly be the need of the hour. At the moment, Pique is the only mainstay at the back and the make shift defense in last week’s 4-1 mauling should prove to be an eye-opener.   

Barcelona’s La Masia products Marc Muniesa, Marc Batra and Andreu Fontas are decent defenders but it would be a grave mistake to rely on the youngsters come the Champions League and big league games and more importantly the latter half on the season, the business end as they say. 

Dani Alves and Eric Abidal were outstanding last season, but playing them all season long without cover could prove to be fatal.. Get them a decent back-up! 

In my opinion, Cesc Fabregas should be left alone for yet another season and major quantity of that 30-35 million quid should be spent on fixing up the defense.

And finally the brighter side of things, oh Alexis you are the man! Wonder signing.

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