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Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho: Biggest hypocrite there is?

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I don’t plan to justify last night’s game in anyway, so rest assured; this isn’t one of my random rants on Jose Mourinho and his posse. However, over the two games (Barca vs. Real Sociedad; Real Madrid vs. Getafe) certain events came to light that contradict what is generally accepted in the football world.

Fact 1: Lionel Messi does not dive, Period. If anybody were to watch a video of any of the Clasico’s, this fact is reinforced.

Fact 2: Cristiano Ronaldo deserves an Oscar for his diving skills. But since one of his peers (read: Angel Di Maria) has taken up diving responsibilities, he seems to be trying to change his ways or not (depends on how you look at it).

Last night, due to some mind boggling defensive blunders, the Blaugrana found themselves in a sticky situation which involved trying to score a goal with about ten minutes to go. With the score line showing 2-2 and Lionel Messi finally being introduced out of necessity, Barca were looking a little desperate. La Pulga, with one of his mazy runs, found himself in the opponent’s box and looked good to finish till a defender’s leg put a stop to it. Now I’m sure there are many who think that was a dive and many others who think otherwise. In my opinion, it looked like a clear penalty. There was contact and our pride in Messi’s ability to stay upright under pressure does not change the fact that he was fouled.

Lionel Messi Never Dive vs Real Madrid 14/08/2011 (via CR7M10MAGIC)

Jose Mourinho doesn’t agree of course. Surprise, surprise! The translator made a statement after the Real Madrid game, which can only be interpreted as a shot at the league champions. During the Madrid game, a similar incident occurred, except this time the player involved was Cristiano Ronaldo. In that match, the defender was shown to clearly step on Ronaldo’s foot and I agree that he did not dive (this time). The problem was that the foul was outside the box and so was just as clearly, not a penalty. This is, of course, where my gag reflex kicks in. Ronaldo didn’t dive?? And Mourinho made a statement after the game, in a typically self-righteous tone, wherein he goes on to expound Ronaldo’s clean sheet as far as diving is concerned.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diving Manual - Tutorial (via UnknownGenius01)

It’s safe to say, that while Ronaldo fights for top spot with Angel "always-on-the-verge-of-falling" Di Maria, his coach and the "greatest manager in the world", Jose Mourinho, seems to be fighting to be top dog with Arsene Wenger with respect to hypocrisy.

After a few hours of sulking about the game, I read Por Que Mourinho’s statements except that this time he wasn’t screaming "WHY GOD WHY", and if it weren’t for the fact that I think Mourinho is actually not as smart as he thinks he is, and is in fact as stupid as he looks, I would have been laughing at his sheer arrogance. After all, as much as I despise Jose Mourinho for singlehandedly destroying the greatest rivalry in the sport, I will admit I enjoyed watching his "life is not fair" and "woe is me" speeches when he was manager of Chelsea or even Inter Milan but now that he’s in Spain, well I am not amused anymore.

But don’t take my word for it, before you scream ‘bloody murder’ and talk about how Barca cheats all the time, I’ll be the first to admit that Sergio Busquets deserved a red card for that hand ball last night and Real Sociedad should have got a penalty. However remember that Mourinho was not always manager of Real Madrid, and few years ago, Cristiano would never have said "He is the best coach in the world". After the translator left Chelsea, he released a list of the top divers in England or his version of it at that point of time which isn’t the same now, uh okay I’m confused. So just check out the link here.

True to his nature, he contradicted those statements yesterday and you can see that link here. I’m sure there are thousands of Madrid and Chelsea fans who will find a way to justify these statements, (funny thing about Mr. Por Que, I’ve met quite a few fans who have switched their allegiance from Chelsea to Inter Milan to Madrid according to his movements. ‘The club above all else’, is all I can say to them!), like how Ronaldo has improved and he doesn’t dive ‘as much’. To those of you, who feel sympathy for Mourinho and Ronaldo; please remember that it is an admission of guilt when you use the words ‘as much’. I, for one, admit that Dani Alves and Sergio Busquets are prone to theatrics and don’t try to justify it and I find peace in the fact that I’ve accepted the same. You guys should try it once in a while.

As for Jose-PorQue- Mourinho and his contradictions, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, DE-NIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT!

Untill next time,

Inder Methil

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