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FC Barcelona surpass Real Madrid to reach 20 million Facebook Likes

20 million!!!
20 million!!!

What makes the World’s best football club? Is it trophies? Could it be the best players? Or is it the fans? Well, consider that FC Barcelona has met those three requirements in full. Not only are the Blaugrana one of the most successful teams of all-time, with the three best players in the world (according to FIFA’s Ballon D’Or, not me!) but now Barcelona can also lay claim to being one of the best supported clubs in football, or in sport period.

According to this video, Barcelona has hit 20 million "likes" on Facebook, and in doing so have become the first club to hit that milestone. It says an awful lot about the global appeal of FC Barcelona, and the work they put in to cement their popularity.

FC Barcelona - 20 milions a Facebook (via fcbarcelona)

Earlier this year, the Fundació announced a link with former Microsoft CEO and founder, Bill Gates, to help eradicate Polio from the world entirely. While every club enters strategic partnerships of some kind, FC Barcelona is among the best at promoting a noble cause. While billions of dollars (or Euro for that matter) come in quite handy, ultimately, these charities can spread their range even further by having a recognizable partner.

Enter FC Barcelona

All I can say is, congratulations to FC Barcelona for setting a new benchmark, and long may the great work (on and off the pitch) continue.

On a side note, Barca Blaugranes is edging ever closer to the 1000 "like" marker, and we appreciate your continued support. You can become our fans here, if you haven’t already.

Tots unit fem força!

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