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Arsenal FC's Arsene Wenger: Double Standards or Plain Hypocrisy?

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Arsenal FC’s manager Arsene Wenger has been very vocal of Barcelona’s ‘tapping up’ tactics during the recently concluded transfer saga of Cesc Fabregas, a former La Masia academy protégé and Arsenal’s former captain. Barcelona had tried to lure the player to the club for the past two seasons, and finally succeeded in the just concluded transfer window after both clubs agreed on a transfer fee.

However, the whole episode which lasted almost three seasons was marred by controversy, with Arsene Wenger often levying serious allegations on Barcelona, accusing the club of unsettling their player.

The English tabloids added further fuel to the saga, often being adamant of their criticism of FC Barcelona with the Independent, the Sun and the News of the World amongst others publishing numerous articles on how FIFA should fine Barcelona for their relentless tapping up, and how players like Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez have no class because of their ‘alleged’ tapping up of Arsenal’s former captain.

However, after losing both Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, and under pressure from an 8-2 thumping by champions Manchester United, Arsene Wenger sped up his transfer activities, signing five players on deadline day, including Park Chu-Young from AS Monaco.

Park Chu-Young signed for Arsenal after he failed to show up for the second part of his medical with French Ligue 1 champions LOSC Lille Métropole. Park Chu-Young had agreed terms with Lille and both clubs (Lille and AS Monaco) had apparently agreed the deal. However, when Arsenal came knocking at the last minute Chu-Young decided to make a run for London without informing neither Lille nor Monaco.

Lille’s President Michel Seydoux was left fuming at Chu-Young’s behavior and even insisted that such behavior was against the ethics of the club.

"Like Monaco, Lille are baffled, "Everything (about his move) had been agreed. This type of behavior is not acceptable; in any event it doesn't correspond with the spirit here at Lille." About Wenger he added "For someone who’s always preaching about morals, Wenger showed distinct lack of class’.

A very ethical signing, was it Mr. Wenger?

Arsenal are also interested in bring Eden Hazard to the Emirates in January and according to a source at the club, Arsenal would bring the player to the Emirates in January.

Now isn’t that tapping up? Arsene Wenger has previously alleged that all the Cesc talk is upsetting his player and is undermining the performance of his captain. Lille too are in the Champions League this season and I’m sure Hazard’s departure would very much depend on how Lille fare in the UCL. If that’s the case, isn’t the Hazard talk in some way going to affect the player’s performance in the Champions League?

Once again, the English tabloids have failed to address Arsene Wenger’s hypocritical behavior and the bias towards the English clubs is quite prominent here.

If Arsene Wenger thinks that Barcelona unsettled Cesc Fabregas during the last two years, isn’t that exactly what he’s doing with Eden Hazard?

For a man who's team has always lost to bad refereeing errors and 'favoritism' this episode of transfer 'tactics' was around the corner.

Well done Arsene Wenger, you are a true gentleman.

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