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Barca Blaugranes Preview: Real Sociedad vs. FC Barcelona

All action or another dud?
All action or another dud?

It’s over….at least for the time being, we are spared another round of International Boredom aka the international games (qualifiers and friendlies). To be honest I find any international game not taking place in the context of a major tournament boring. When asked, Paul Udani, our Barcelona B columnist, had this to say about international games "International football does not interest me, unless it's a major tournament I'm not watching." I hear you, mate. What’s the point in watching Spain steamroll minnows Liechtenstein 6-0 in EC qualifying game? Was there even a remote chance of Liechtenstein defeating the reigning World- and European Champions? I don’t think so. The likelihood of such an upset…um, I stand a better chance of going out on a date with newly single, Minka Kelly. Yeah, I’m still slightly infatuated with her. However, the La Liga games after the internationals have been a mixed bag for the Blaugrana, or to be more precise, Pep Guardiola’s squad. Even the official FC Barcelona site ran a headline "Guardiola’s team poor record after an early FIFA break". It’s odd, considering that the Blaugrana provide the backbone for the Spanish national team. If anything the squad should have an advantage over their rivals.



After all, Xavi & Co. must be accustomed to play with each other (yeah, I know that came out so wrong). Here’s what the Barca Blaugranes staff had to offer on this matter:

Barcelona is most likely to carry their off late form into the next game against Real Sociedad. Although, we can't expect the team to be scoring 5 odd goals every game, we're likely to see a good performance none the less. Sociedad are no mugs at home themselves and it be very interesting to see what final XI Pep opts for. Our bench is very strong this season and picking the right players every game would be the key.Shehryar Khan

A sentiment shared by Bostjan Cernensek and Paul Udani who agree with their fellow colleague "…. Barcelona has a bad record under Pep in the first game after the international break and I believe this won't be the best of Barca. However, I think the spoils of victory will still go to Catalonia, but the team won't be as dominant as it was against Villarreal." Whereas Paul is little more outspoken in his view that the Blaugrana will not be at their devastating best "….All these internationals have caused the players fatigue. Stupid friendlies." 

I can’t tell. I didn’t watch any international game. Hence I didn’t witness the little incident between the Chile and Spain players fighters, which apparently serves as evidence of unity among FC Barcelona and Real Madrid participants. If you ask me, the minute Sergio Ramos has the feeling he is on the losing side of things, he’ll lose it. I don’t think it is proof of anything. Ever been to a club and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose because someone drank one drink too many? For better or worse – it’s on. And since these games have a huge audience nobody wants to appear like a coward. It’s pretty dumb but what are you going to do? Adrenaline, testosterone and a short temper usually lead to scenarios like this. 

"It is hard to believe that the players from either club will just attribute the recent media comments to the "heat of the moment". Iker Casillas will not be welcomed by Cesc Fabregas after his accusations, and I doubt Carles Puyol forgets when Sergio Ramos pushed/punched him in the face way back in November ‘10. These guys will forgive in public, but I presume they may still feel aggrieved in private."Arron Duckling

Spain Vs Chile Fight Between Players

My thoughts exactly. But then again, I’m not the type to turn the other cheek. If I was Carles Puyol, in that particular situation, I would have probably emulated Eric Cantona and be banned for six month to a year (not that Captain Catalunya played much football anyways in between then and now), depending on the severity of inures I inflicted on my opposite number. Nevertheless, Puyi did not. And in a way it’s a good thing. He didn’t stain the jersey of FC Barcelona and is an exemplary captain. Speaking of good ol (he is old) Captain Catalunya, according to his official twitter account he is close to a return. Puyol back! Still I doubt he’ll be available for tomorrow’s game. At any rate, none of the Barca Blaugranes staff actually believes that Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas & Co. can produce another blowout performance, with or without the talismanic captain. "I don't think we will, at least not a manita type blowout. A two-three goal victory maybe, but that's just another day in the office for these boys", said Bostjan. 


Shehryar (victory by a two-goal margin), Arron (settles for a single goal victory), Paul (a comfortable win. Hence I presume a two-goal margin). 

Personally I think FC Barcelona is going to win 3-0.

Barca Blaugranes Prediction: Victory FC Barcelona by two to three goals.



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