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FC Barcelona: To believe or not to believe...

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Picture this. You have been approached by your former club who are not in the best of conditions. They ask you to coach them. You are young and are aware that even a decent outcome in your first season would justify your arrival. But instead of aiming for only a ‘Decent’ season you go for gold and your hard work and effort are rewarded by all the possible titles you could put your hands on. Fans and supporters applaud you while your critics claim you were ‘Lucky’ to have a great generation of footballers. The next season, where it would be decided if you were ‘Lucky’ or not, you slam back at them by winning the league. The third season, a person who was considered to be one of the few people that has the potential to stop you, was brought in. But you again proved your worth when you won the Champions League by eliminating his team in the semi-finals (plus the league title).It is obvious you all knew five sentences before who you were. Our Coach; our Guide; our Guru, none other than Pep Guardiola.

The man has done it all. 13 titles out of 16 (Including 3 league titles, 2 Champions Leagues and 2 Club World Cups).

However this season, many transitions have taken place. From the change in formation to the introduction of new players. Until all goes well transitions are happily accepted, but one small dip in form and the human mind cannot handle it. After Sundays draw in the Catalan derby against RCD Espanyol, I have read tweets from becoming a lazy team to taking things lightly. Yes, I agree that we were not even in good shape and we were lucky to come out with a draw. To be honest, I did not expect our defending to be so good to withstand their attack till the 84th minute. After such a match we tend to forget that after we lost to Getafe (0-1) we scored 33 goals (5 Levante, 4 Bate, 3 Madrid, 8 in the club world cup, 9 L’Hospitalet and 4 Osasuna) and conceded only 1 (Madrid). We also won the Club World Cup which was our third title of the season. We are so used to winning now that we have started to believe that we are unbeatable and cannot have a bad day. We are definitely very good but we are definitely not unbeatable; nobody is.

We all have our excuses. I have blamed the jersey of the match (the white and blue similar to Sociedad's). And to be honest, we won three league titles in three brilliant seasons. This has to end someday. Before you start throwing stuff at me, please let me clarify myself. I am not saying that this season is lost. We still have 21 games ahead of us and there is still a possibility of us lifting the title for the fourth time. But even if we have the same team for a life time with the same talent it is not an assurance of a lifetime full of titles. I am not being pessimistic neither optimistic. In simple words I am Peptimistic. I have faith in that man and also in our entire team. Like all of you, even I am hoping for a great year. Visca el Barca.

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