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FC Barcelona Release Official App

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Want to appear in this picture? Now you can!
Want to appear in this picture? Now you can!
Jeff J Mitchell

FC Barcelona have released their eight app, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and can be used to make users a part of the club's most historic moments. This exclusive photo-app is what FC Barcelona fans use to show and share their support. It allows you to create beautiful photos and posters of you and your friends together with the FC Barcelona stars. Find your favorite scenes and designs and customize them for a unique personal touch (and share them with your favorite blog).

Include yourself in the Barça dreamteam of Wembley 1992. Celebrate the Champions League together with Lionel Messi or create an exclusive poster with you and Ronaldinho, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta or Pique. We are more than a club, share it with FCB Teamcam!

Have a look at FCB Teamcam's press kit with high resolution images of the app. Feel free to download FCB Teamcam from the Apple store and follow FCB Teamcam on Facebook, Twitter or their website.

According to the director responsible for New Technologies, Dídac Lee, "this app is yet another example of our interest in serving Barça fans around the world. It is a fun way of helping fans to feel part of the Club's most historic moments".

More information can be found here: Click