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Messi or Maradona?

Diego:I'm the Best
Messi:Not for much longer
Diego:I'm the Best Messi:Not for much longer

So, here I am listening to Alice In Chain's Nutshell (for the 100th time and yes, Layne Staley was amazing) and pondering over that age old question, Messi or Maradona? This, ofcourse is thanks to a video I'm sure many of us have watched courtesy the mysterious barcastuff (urban legend, but they say it's Pep Guardiola disguised) and thanks to one of my favourite sports journalist Sid Lowe.

This is the video that they have uploaded and I wanted to know what the viewers thought about the whole thing.

Foreign Desk / Messi or Maradona? (via loscorresponsales)

Considering, the video is quite short and doesn't go into detail as much as we would like, here are some points that I think should be stated (some are included in the video)

  1. Lionel Messi is 24 years old and has done more for club football than arguably any player ever. Diego Maradona reinvigorated a club side that did not know what winning really was and being a pioneer simply should be understated.
  2. Maradona had a tough time because players weren't protected (as mentioned in the video) like today. However, Lionel Messi has to deal with defenders who are physically more fit, faster, and it can even be argued that they are tactically more knowledgeable (gone are the days when players could have a drink or a cigarette before a game).
  3. Diego's off field antics should not be considered. This question is about who is the better footballer. So, although some may consider Messi boring off the pitch, that as well should not be factor.
  4. Consistency. It's like trying to compare Zidane with Iniesta or Xavi. In my mind, there is no question that Iniesta is the better footballer, simply because everytime he's playing, he is brilliant. Yes, trophies are a factor but in this particular case, I simply could never get myself to believe that a player of Messi's consistency would exist. Maradona was brilliant but this level of trophies and almost a goal a game is new.
  5. Maradona won Argentina the World Cup. Period. I could argue that it is a team sport but there is no denying it. The man was a genius.
  6. UEFA Champions League could be considered bigger than the World Cup. The World Cup is a once in four years tournament. Champions League, every year. It depends on how you (the reader) look at it, which is the bigger tournament at this time. Personally, I think the Champions League has become more prestigious but that's just my opinion.
  7. I'm sure I've left quite a few points out but I really want to know what you guys think (via comment) and end this debate once and for all. For those of you who know me well enough, well, you know my choice.

So, for now that's all I've got for you. This is more about the Poll and your thoughts on the matter (comment).


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