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What to do, What not to do……

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The 14th and 17th of August were two very important dates marked on every football fans calendar before the highly anticipated 2011/2012 football season even began. The Spanish Super Cup, return of the El Classico’s. A two legged tie, a minimum of 180 minutes of football between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Based on Madrid’s pre-season form, Barcelona fans did have a something to worry about. But when it comes to an El Clasico you never know what to expect. And to be honest, it was truly a classic. Even though Barcelona won the first title of the season, the repeat of the beautiful Manita seemed highly unlikely the coming season. The change of formation and the injuries to many key players had diverted Futbol Club Barcelona from their regular winning of games a little.

The fans being pampered and spoilt for 3 years took a little time to adjust to this fact. Last season the moment we didn’t have the ball in their half I used to worry as I was not used to seeing the ball in our half. This season till I don’t see the ball near our penalty box I really don’t worry a lot. I trust our defender-cum-striker Captain Puyol to take care of that.

In recent times I have read many times on social networking sites, like twitter, that if Barcelona is not playing to the benchmark level they have set, many take the blame on themselves. Some blame themselves for watching the match while some do the exact opposite. This feeling goes on getting stronger and stronger as matches go on.

For instance, I waited a while for the Real Sociedad match to be finished before I would write this article and this is only just one of many where I did the same. I do not read Barcelona’s match previews before the game. I have a watch which I keep at a specific position during the match (Don’t ask me why I do it; I have no idea how that started). When I am typing it all down it sounds quite silly and I have backspaced this paragraph twice to avoid embarrassment. The only reason why you can still see it is because I have a strong feeling that I may not be the only one.

Feel free to post in the comments section if you do believe in superstitions. It would be great to hear from you’ll.

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