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LIVE: Next Gen Series: FC Barcelona vs RSC Anderlecht

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With the big kick-off now just days away, the wait is almost over. However, if you’re like me, you know that Sunday isn’t soon enough. Thankfully though, Barcelona are in action tonight, well, the Juvenil A team anyway. After crashing out at the quarter-finals last season, Barcelona will be looking to improve in this season’s Next Gen Series, starting tonight against RSC Anderlecht. The match (which kicks off at 20:00 CET, or approximately 45 minutes from time of publish) is being broadcast live on the club’s official YouTube channel, and with any luck, a live feed will be embedded after the jump. Feel free to comment on the international matches in this thread as well, with Argentina vs Germany the undoubted pick of the bunch.

FC Barcelona-Anderlecht: en directo, el partido NextGen Series (via fcbarcelona)