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Join The Barca Blaugranes Fantasy League!

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With just days to go until La Liga starts up anew, we here at Barca Blaugranes would like to extend an invitation to you, the community, to join our inaugural La Liga fantasy league, powered by Yahoo. The fantasy league obviously runs all-throughout the season, and unlike, say your typical NFL fantasy league, you can make changes to your team each week. The rules are explained in more detail on the site, and with an as yet unspecified prize* (which at current is likely to be a pair of FCB sunglasses) on offer for the winner, it’s sure to be great fun!

*If you have any prize ideas, feel free to comment with them below

For all those interested in joining, it is completely free of charge, and after creating your team on the Yahoo website, you can join the league by inputting the following details:

Group ID: 2644

Password: "barcablaugranes" – without the quotation marks

Good luck, and may the best manager win!

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