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FC Barcelona 2011/12 Season in Review: Pedro

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Report: Pedro disappointed me - plain and simple. I expected him to progress and I though he would take the addition of Alexis Sanchez as motivation to achieve more. It wasn't like that. Of course, like with most Barça players this last season Pedro also struggled with injures but even when he was fit he didn't look like himself. At times he even appeared slow and as if he lost the "edge" needed to successfully dribble past a defender.

Due to the aforementioned injuries and lack of form Pedro's playing time dropped drastically as he made five less appearances (8 less starts) and played nearly 1000 minutes less than he did the previous year. Of course he couldn't have put up the same goal and assist numbers as he did before with that playing time but at the start of the season he was still the starting winger - he just didn't take his chances.

When Alexis was out injured Pedro had a chance to make a mark on the team that would assure him of a starting spot even after the Chilean returned but the 25-year old often found himself benched for Cesc Fabregas or Thiago (with Iniesta moving to the wing)

Late in the season, when he was finally able to shake off all the injures, Pedro's form started to pick up. In the final ten games of the campaign Pedro scored six goals and added three assists - nearly 50% of his entire contributions on the year. It appeared as if Pedro was finally back - an encouraging sign going into next season. He didn't get to build on that during the EURO 2012, mainly because he wasn't given a chance, but at least he got some playing time to work on his fitness.

Inder Methil's View: The Canary Islander had a disappointing season when compared to 2010/11. Unfortunately like many of our forwards, injuries simply did not allow him to have continuity and his lack of form while fit was frustrating to say the least. However, towards the end of the season his form improved and the supreme finishing skills were there for people to see.

Pedro is the closest Spain have to a replacement (long term) for David Villa in my opinion. He is fast, hard working and can score from pretty much anywhere. He will look to continue to grow this season but considering his performances (or lack thereof) last season, I would opt for "C".

Moment of the Season: Without a doubt, in my opinion at least, Pedro best game of the season came in the last game of the season - in the Copa del Rey Final against Athletic Bilbao, though a close second was the 7-0 game against Rayo Vallecano. He scored two goals, one from near the penalty spot and the second - a beauty - from outside the area that squeaked inside the far post.

Athletic Bilbao Vs Barcelona 0-3 All Goals and Highlights Copa Del Rey Final 25.05.2012 (via Sidivan Junior)


Appearances 48
Games started 32
Started on the bench 21
Substitute in 16
Substitute out 20
Minutes played 2891
Goals scored 13
Assists 7
Shots 72
Shots on goal 41
Fouls committed 37
Fouls suffered 42
Yellow cards 5
Red cards 0

Record with Pedro in the starting lineup: 27-4-1

2012/13 Outlook: Pedro absolutely must improve for the season that starts Sunday. Depending on who you ask Pedro is either one of the starting three forwards or the first backup but either way 13 goals from him is not good enough. But as long as Pedro continues where he ended the previous season - buzzing around goal and running like mad - then the scoring will return and he will once again become the player we've come to love prior the start of the 2011-2012 season.

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