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Daily Poll: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Predict The Result

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Another reason why we all miss Eric Abidal... #animsabi
Another reason why we all miss Eric Abidal... #animsabi

Tonight’s match against Real Madrid may only be a glorified friendly match, but it is sure to be a hard-fought contest nonetheless, especially if last season’s Clasicos are anything to go by. Last year’s edition was a nine-goal thriller won by just a solitary goal, and in the other four meetings between the sides, a total of 14 goals were scored, meaning that on average, there were nearly four goals scored per Clasico in 2011/12. Will we continue to see such high-scoring affairs this season, or will defense rule the roost? In today’s poll, we want to know what you think the score will be in tonight’s match with Real Madrid. Well, unless your name is Inder Methil :P

The format is simple, predict the score on our poll below, drop us a comment, or tweet us @BlaugranesBarca to let us know what you have predicted for the match, and everyone who gets the score right will have earned themselves a mention in the post-match review, and there may well be a prize for the person with the most correct predictions at the end of the season.

Note: Unless stated otherwise, Barcelona will be the "home team" in the scoring predictions – i.e. 2-1 = a 2-1 Barcelona win, 0-3 = a 3-0 win for Real Madrid. You can also add your own prediction (if the score is not listed in the answers below) by registering with Wayin (which can be done via linking your Facebook or Twitter account). All comments posted after the start of the match will not count towards the "prediction league". Best of luck!

This Poll has now finished