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Daily Poll: CA Osasuna vs FC Barcelona: Predict The Score

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Tonight, FC Barcelona take on Osasuna in their second league match under Tito Vilanova, and with an early two-point lead over Real Madrid, it’s paramount that the Blaugrana do not "give" Real Madrid those two-points back. However, Barcelona did lose to Osasuna in the corresponding fixture of last season. Will they be able to avenge that defeat and open up a momentary five-point lead over their great rivals?

After only one member of the community predicted the correct score in the last match and commented with that prediction, please remember to comment with your score prediction after voting. If the score you wish to predict is not on the poll, you can add an option of your own via registering with Wayin by linking your Twitter or Facebook account. Good luck!

Note: Despite playing away from home tonight, Barcelona are considered as the home team in the layout of the score. For example, a vote for 2-1 = a 2-1 Barcelona win, and 0-3 = a 3-0 win for Osasuna.