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Daily Poll: Should Jonathan Dos Santos Move On Loan To Sevilla?

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With the transfer window drawing to a close, time is running out for Barcelona to fine-tune their squad and there are a few question marks surrounding the future of three players in particular – Andreu Fontas, Ibrahim Afellay and Jonathan Dos Santos. The future of all three players in up in the air, could they leave on loan? Maybe even permanently?

The rumours surrounding Jonathan Dos Santos’ future with the club have been circulating all summer, with Sevilla the most likely destination, and today’s poll asks whether or not you think JDS should be loaned out to Sevilla. I think we are pretty much all in favour of JDS gaining some experience away from the club, but is Sevilla the best place for him to develop? Will he see enough minutes and do they play the “right” style of football?

Note: In yesterday’s poll we asked who should start at left-back in tomorrow’s Clasico, and Jordi Alba triumphed over Adriano, pulling in 65% of the vote with 35% preferring the Brazilian.

This poll is now closed