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Daily Poll: Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona: Predict The Score

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Barcelona take on Real Madrid tonight in the second-leg of the Spanish Supercopa, and with a 3-2 lead from the first-leg, the Blaugrana are favourites to lift the trophy. However, with two away goals to their name, Real Madrid will claim the trophy if they win by at least a goal and restrict Barca to less than two goals. In my match preview, I predicted a 3-1 win for the Catalans; what do you think the score will be at full-time this evening?

Vote in our poll below, powered by Wayin, and be sure to leave us a comment with your prediction so we know exactly who has predicted the correct scores. So far, only two members have correctly predicted the score of a Barcelona game, will you be able to join them at the top of the Barca Blaugranes Prediction League? As always, Barcelona are considered as the home team in the poll (i.e. a vote for 2-1 = a 2-1 win for Barcelona), and good luck!

Note: In yesterday's poll a whopping 95% of respondents are in favour of Jonathan Dos Santos moving to Sevilla on loan, and with many conflicting reports coming out of Spain, it is unclear whether he will complete a move before Friday's deadline. You have our blessing JDS!

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