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Supercopa de España: Real Madrid 2-1 FC Barcelona: Player Ratings

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A day later than usual, but here are the Player Ratings for Barcelona's 1-2 defeat against Real Madrid:

Victor Valdes 6.0
Minutes played90
Saves Made5

Arron says6.5

Much better from Victor Valdés, who despite conceding twice on the day, kept Barcelona in the game with save after save to deny the likes of Gonzalo Higauin and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that he should have done better with the second goal as Ronaldo’s shot was average at best, but it still ended up in the back of the net.

Adriano Correia 2.5
Minutes played28
Fouls Committed3

Arron says6.0

After last week’s 2.8 rating for Victor Valdés, we wondered, could it ever get worse? Well, just one week later, it did as you voted Adriano’s performance was only worthy of a 2.5. In my books, that’s very harsh; yes, he did get sent off, but only to deny Ronaldo his second goal and he only ever played at right-back due to the late injury sustained by Dani Alves. If we are to blame anyone for defeat, I sincerely doubt that Adriano is that man. Plus, his sending off led to Alexis being subbed off, which is worth an extra point from me.

Javier Mascherano 4.6
Minutes played90
Fouls Won2
Fouls Committed1

Arron says5.0

At this stage, I don’t know what it worse: the actual mistake itself, or the fact that El Jefecito was our best centre-half last season. If only he would have just headed the ball back to Victor Valdés, the game could have turned out so differently. But before we jump all over the Argentine, it’s worth noting that this was an uncharacteristic error – how often do you see Mascherano gift an opportunity to an opposing striker? Improvement is needed in the "big" games, but it’s not time to lose faith in Masch just yet.

Gerard Pique 4.6
Minutes played90
Fouls Committed1

Arron says5.5

Piqué also made a crucial error in the heart of defense, although looking at both mistakes side-by-side, I think Piqué fared slightly better, but was just caught out by a wonderful piece of improvisation from Ronaldo. He did recover from that mistake well, both in the immediate aftermath (covering the line) and throughout the rest of the match, but nothing that atoned for his error. Hopefully he will bounce back after such a strong start to the season, Barcelona cannot this match to be anything more than a momentary set-back to Piqué’s form.

Jordi Alba 6.0
Minutes played90
Fouls Won1

Arron says6.5

Alba was a late replacement for the injured Alves, and despite having little time to warm up and prepare for a start, he put in an adequate shift at left-back. Come to think of it, it’s rather ironic that of all the starters in defense, Alba actually had the best game. Aside from one or two runs, Angel Di Maria had little luck against Alba, while Arbeloa barely threatened at all on the overlap. Just a shame that his defensive colleagues couldn’t perform to a similar level...

Sergio Busquets 4.9
Minutes played75

Arron says5.0

Another poor performance from Sergio Busquets as the usually composed Spaniard appeared to buckle under the Real Madrid pressure. Often he was caught in possession, and other times he just flat-out gave the ball away, undoubtedly contributing to the rather low possession stats – 54%. Replaced by Alex Song with 15 minutes left to play, Barcelona looked much more comfortable with Busquets off the field.

Andrés Iniesta 6.4
Minutes played90
Shots/Shots on Target2/0
Fouls Won2
Fouls Committed2

Arron says6.0

After his two assists in last week’s match, expectations were high ahead of the return leg for Andrés Iniesta, but unfortunately the newly-crowned Best Player in Europe could not turn the game around. Positioned further forward than usual after the withdrawal of Alexis Sanchez, Iniesta barely got the ball enough to trouble the Madrid defense.

Xavi Hernández 5.9
Minutes played90
Fouls Won3

Arron says5.5

A disappointing game for Xavi who never really exerted his influence on the game. Whether it was down to Madrid’s fouls, the lack of support after the sending-off, or just a bad day at the office, Xavi will be keen to put this performance behind him.

Pedro Rodriguez 6.5
Minutes played82
Shots/Shots on Target3/2
Fouls Won1
Fouls Committed1

Arron says7.0

Pedro’s performance was a rare ray of hope in an otherwise depressing Barcelona performance. He tirelessly made run after run in an attempt to create himself chances, only to go unnoticed by the Blaugrana midfield. However, when a chance came his way, he couldn’t convert, despite a wonderful first touch. With Pedro at least occupying a portion of the Madridista defense, it’s a shame that Lionel Messi wasn’t in a position to capitalise.

Lionel Messi 7.0
Minutes played90
Shots/Shots on Target3/1
Fouls Won6

Arron says8.0

Starved of service, Messi was forced to drop deep a lot more often than he would have liked, but in tough situations, the very best players improvise and find a solution. His solution? To score quite possibly the most jaw-dropping free-kick since Roberto Carlos's effort against France in 1997. (The best angle starts at 0:45)

Lionel Messi Amazing Free Kick Goal Vs Real Madrid 29/08.2012 ! (via RobertinhoCR7HDTV)

Alexis Sanchez 4.4
Minutes played32

Arron says3.5

Barcelona’s patience with Alexis Sanchez must be running thin. He was only on the field for a little over 30 minutes, and in those 30 minutes he managed to lose a lot of support. No-one is saying that he is the only Barcelona player to engage in theatrics, but he is arguably the worst at it. Do I condone diving? Not really, but like or not, it has a place in the game and Alexis simply doesn’t appear to know when to "exaggerate" and when to stay on his feet. His antics usually come at the expense of a shot on goal, and maybe that’s why the Chilean has gone 10 matches without a goal for club and country.

Martin Montoya 5.6
Minutes played58
Shots/Shots on Target1/1

Arron says7.5

Contrary to his average rating, I think Montoya did very well after coming on for ten-man Barcelona around the half-hour mark. With the score at 2-0, and with Real Madrid and Ronaldo in particular looking dangerous, Montoya immediately settled into the game and was far and away the best Barca defender of the match. Now that Alves is set to miss the Valencia match, it's good to know that Barcelona have Montoya back in good form.

Alex Song 5.8
Minutes played15

Arron says6.5

Finally making his debut for the club, Song replaced Busquets with 15 minutes left and made an instant impression. The general consensus is that he played well and will indeed add a different dimension to this Barcelona side, and it's difficult to disagree with that. Will he be able to play as offensively as he did in this cameo appearance now that Thiago is fit? Maybe not, and therein lies the true test for Alex Song. Is he disciplined enough to feature at defensive midfield and possibly even at centre-back? I guess we will have to waitr and see

Cristian Tello 4.5
Minutes played7
Shots/Shots on Target2/0
Fouls Won2

Arron saysN/A

The sub few of us would have suggested, although with seven minutes to impact the game, I don't think anyone else would have fared better.

The Team 5.6
Shots/Shots on Target10/4
Fouls Won/Committed16/8

Arron says5.5

Atrocious for approximately 40 minutes, decent in the remaining 50, it was a mixed performance from the team. For example, errors aside, I don't actually think that Pique and Mascherano played that badly. However, when the did make errors, Real were playing well enough to capitalise and that was the difference between the two sides. If only they had taken their chances better in the first-leg...

Tito Vilanova 5.0

Arron says6.0

If something goes wrong, someone always blames the new guy and Barcelona don't appear to be the exception. Considering what happened prior to kick-off, is it really Tito's fault that Barca looked shaky at the back? What exactly would Pep have done in the same situation that would have been so much better? His substitutions were a little off in terms of timing and personnel (Tello instead of Villa), but this was only his fourth match as a coach, so I think it's only fair we cut him some slack.

MOTM - Messi 42%

Arron saysMontoya

Messi walked away with yet another MOTM award, his third in four matches this season, undoubtedly thanks to his brilliant free-kick. Valdes came in second place with 26% of the vote, but my pick is Montoya who performed admirably in his time on the field.

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