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Daily Poll: What Should FC Barcelona Do With The Camp Nou?

David Ramos - Getty Images

It’s an issue that has never quite been dealt with over the past few years: what should FC Barcelona do with the Camp Nou? When Sandro Rosell took charge of the club, there were plans for renovations to be made, increasing the capacity to 106,000 – along with other improvements, but this was postponed indefinitely due to the poor financial state of the club and the global recession. However, now that the club is in a far more stable financial position, Sandro Rosell has brought the topic up anew, with three options for the members to vote on:

1) Keep it as it is

2) Reform the current stadium

3) Build a new stadium

It’s a difficult area for most Culés; this is our stadium after all. There is so much history at the Camp Nou that’s it’s almost impossible to envisage Barcelona playing anywhere else. Leaving it as it is wouldn’t harm anyone, but there are some who suggest that the stadium is in dire need to some repairs and "new coat of paint" if you will. Sandro Rosell has also raised the possibility of building a new stadium, which may be unthinkable, but could prove to be a sound investment. With the members set to vote on the future of the Camp Nou in the coming years, what do you think Barcelona should do with the Camp Nou?

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