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Daily Poll: How Would You Rate Alexis Sanchez' Time At FC Barcelona?

When asked to rate his performances with Barcelona, Alexis gave himself a five out of ten. How would you rate his time with the club?

David Ramos - Getty Images

During his press conference yesterday, Alexis Sanchez was asked a wide variety of questions. There were questions about Neymar, about the eight-point lead and who should win the Ballon d'Or - with Lionel Messi the obvious answer. However, the stand-out answer came when Alexis Sanchez was asked to rate his performances in a Barcelona shirt, almost a year after joining the club. His answer?

"Five out of ten. The best Alexis hasn't arrived yet"

Clearly, Alexis knows that he can do better than his recent performances, although it hasn't been all bad. The Chilean has scored important goals against difficult opposition, and he has looked better since his return from injury. Remember his performances against Real Madrid last season? For the most part, Alexis was one of, if not the most dangerous player in the squad - even in the 2-1 loss last April, it was Sanchez who got the goal. I agree that the best Alexis hasn't arrived yet, I would say that five out of ten is a little harsh. How would you rate Sanchez' time at Barcelona?

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