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Ter Stegen the matchday MVP after another great performance

The midfield was horrible. 

FC Barcelona v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Having to write articles about two games apart gives me the perfect opportunity to comment on some of my own thoughts, and therefore, add some perspective to the whole thing. For example, I was the first one to realize I mentioned our offense could outclass any opposition if our defense was good enough, only to watch the dumpster fire we put on the field on Sunday. You always feel vulnerable as a writer to put your opinions out there, and they backfiring. Oh boy, that was some terrible offense we displayed there, and our difference wasn’t much better.

But then I realized, it was not really our offense, was it? I mean, Lionel Messi was dropping down consistently trying to control the midfield more and spark some offense. Neymar was basically a second left back, and even Luisito dropped down a couple of times. It is easy to say the best trio in the world had an off day, but I can’t honestly fault them for the lackluster performance, as they kept trying for the entire game. It does, however, speak volumes as to the situation in the midfield. All the players in the mid have tremendous quality, with varying degrees of success this season, but in this game, they were terrible. Sure, it is difficult to play out of your natural position and with some sketchy tactics, but players of such qualities are expected to put in decent performances regardless. This was awful.

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Marc-André ter Stegen

Our young goaltender is having a massive season, with ample room for improvement. With enough time, and a consistent effort from his center backs, he can be a dominant goalkeeper in the sport. He has had a string of strong performances the past week and a half, and shows no sign of slowing down. Unless he gets body checked by a couple of 6 feet tall 220 pounders, of course, which certainly almost never happens. Just my overactive imagination thinking of farfetched scenarios. Next thing you know, I am going to be spouting nonsense about ghost goals and such…crazy.

2nd Goleador: The Ref’s Leg Muscles

Dude must hit that gym twice daily because you’d need some meaty quads to haul around those massive testicles.

3rd Goleador: The fans.

Pat yourselves on the back if you watched that entire game. Seriously, it wasn’t easy.

As always Visca Barça!

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