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Tiki Taka Tiki Taka…….

A quick look back at the 2012 year and the evolution of Tiki Taka

Angel Martinez

I know it has been quite a while since I have written or made a video. So in 2013, first resolution is to contribute more. Now back to the topic. What a year for FC Barcelona. I don't know for most of you, but Tito's presence is very well making up for Pep's absence. The style I won't say has remained the same, it has been twisted and turned to adapt to new situations or more specifically, more and bigger buses.

Tiki-taka (commonly spelled tiqui-taca in Spanish; Spanish pronunciation: ['tiki 'taka]) is a style of play in association football that has evolved from Total Football and is characterized by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession.

That's the Wikipedia definition of tiki-taka, as I wanted to start with a description even though I'm aware that everyone reading this article will be familiar with the style.

Last season - you can call it the season of 4 trophies or the loss of 2 trophies. Some people also considered it the end of an era, a fabulous, brilliant, even mind boggling era. If you ask me, I consider it as a beginning of a new era, the era of high class and very well maintained buses, with The Blue Bus being the most expensive and well built one.

Somehow people began to wonder, now that there are 11 defenders, how the hell will they get through? A new Plan B was being discussed. Plans C, D, E and F were also being discussed. But luckily the coaches weren't listening to the plans that were talked about by the public. This year the Plan A is being improved and made more and more advance, adapting to new circumstances.

But still there are some who feel that this is "against" our traditional style. Then what do they want??? To be honest, even they don't know the answer. People criticizing Tiki-Taka style, I ask you to do yourself a favor. Please go home and Play FIFA 13 or any other football game. PES will also do (I don't want people thinking that I'm Marketing a certain brand here). Pick any team of your choosing and any opposition you want. Now just pass the ball and don't let the opposition have a touch of it. Sounds easy doesn't it!? Well, it isn't...

Now try doing the same near the opposition's penalty area. You will automatically realize that you are the more powerful team and chances will automatically come, you just need to finish well. The only situation where you will vulnerable is the counter attack.

Now snap back to reality. That was reality, that was last season and we didn't take our chances well. People who criticize should realize that there will always be an end of an era.

When things are not working out you try your best to make it right. There is a reason behind why someone falls down and the only sensible thing to do here is to get up and get back stronger.

Now we are winning, maybe later we will lose a few. That does not mean we have to change to a new style, that just indicates that we have to improvise and analyze why things are not working out and make the necessary changes to the existing system.

On a personal note we all would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year, speedy and good recovery for both Tito Vilanova and Eric Abidal. A happy future ahead for Pep Guardiola, wherever he goes, and love to all the people who love this sport.

And from my side I would like to thank everyone who has seen and appreciated my work . Also a big thanks to those who have supported , cheered and provided that necessary luck factor for my team.

Visca Barca forever !!!!!!!

New Year (via d3vrath10)

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