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View the 2014-15 FC Barcelona Kits

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On Wednesday, released what they believe are drafts/designs by Nike for the 2014-15 FC Barcelona kits. In this article, Xoel Cardenas talks about the new kits, what's new about them, and what he thinks about next season's kits.

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On Wednesday, Mundo Deportivo (Spain) released what they believe are the designs for FC Barcelona's kits for 2014-15.

As someone who has covered Barça for a while, I can tell you that Mundo Deportivo has been correct when they have released kit information in the past, including the past three years in a row. For those of you who may be thinking it's too early or impossible for this kind of information/sketches of the kits to be released so many months before the kits' intended release (usually May or June), let me give you this quick information. All athletic clothing companies (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.) create the designs of the kits and get approval by the club(s) months before scheduled release date.

Let's talk about the kits.


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Home Kit

The home kit will always be the traditional azulgrana. For the 2014-15 kits, Nike seems to keep the blaugrana stripes wide, just like this current season's kit. The only difference is that there will be four blue lines/bars on front. The current kits have four grana lines. Some of the other changes we see on the kit include an all-blue collar as well as all-blue sleeves. The front of the kit will have the Senyera colors just underneath the collar, in a triangular pattern.

Away Kit

The away kit will be an mostly orange affair, as the team will go back to a color they are familiar to seeing. Barcelona has worn orange away kits in the past, most notably, orange kits were worn during the 1992 European Cup Final victory over Sampdoria. Some of the seasons Barcelona has worn orange kits include 1991-92, 1997-98, 1998-99 (dark orange), 2006-07, 2009-10 (although those were more of a salmon color), and 2012-13 (those awful "Tequila Sunrise" kits). The 2014-15 orange kits will look most resemble the 2006-07 away kits. The Qatar Airways lettering will be all-blue as well as the collar, and the end of the sleeves will have both blue and grana displayed. The orange kits will have thin, white striping as well.

It is expected that this season's away kits, the Senyera kits-which have become a huge seller worldwide, will become the club's third kit for 2014-15.

Xoel's Opinion

I like the home kit because it keeps the blaugrana lines/bars wide. I've never liked it when Barcelona has worn thin blaugrana lines. I would like to see the collar stay yellow, but it seems that Nike and FCB want to make 2014-15 kits to be predominantly about the color blau/azul/blue. I like the Senyera triangle on the front, but I wish they could have incorporated the Senyera colors more, perhaps on the end of the sleeves or on the collar. As far the away kit, part of me likes it because it continues the tradition of the color orange as the away kit color, but part of me wishes the Senyera kit would become the permanent away kit. But of course, money controls these kinds of things, and both Nike and FCB are business partners. And both are in the business to make money. Like every year, I'll get a customized "Xoel" kit, but I may or may not get an away kit.

The 2014-15 kits are expected to be unveiled formally next May, with the kits ready for purchase in June.

Please give us your thoughts on the next year's kits on the comments section.

Visca el Barça!

Xoel, The Voice of FC Barcelona

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