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Finally Official: FC Barcelona Sign Neymar From Santos

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After all the false starts and rumors, the Neymar transfer saga can be put to rest with an official announcement from the club.

Scott Heavey

Much digital ink has been devoted to the Neymar saga. Finally, the deal is done as confirmed by official sources.

Reports in Barcelona said that Neymar had agreed to move to Barca yesterday after Santos accepted the Catalans' bid. But Neymar and his father publicly denied making a final decision, until tonight.

So much has been written about this transfer that, with the current age of around-the-clock updates, the negotiations made everyone a bit impatient.

However, interest remains high in the partnership of a youngster touted to be destined to become one of the world's best and one of the biggest clubs in the world.

He will sign for 5 seasons and the fee is understood to be less than 30 million euro.

There isn't much new to be said, other than we wish Neymar well.