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FC Barcelona End Search For a Centre-Back

Miquel Benitez

According to a recent statement made by Barcelona boss Gerardo Martino, the Catalans will end their search for a defender.

"A new centre-back? I'm happy with the team I have. There's always the January window if we need anything", Martino stated at a press conference.

"Last year's problems in the defense were the result of injuries. We have enough options if everybody's fit," Martino continued.

For the past weeks Barcelona have eagerly tried to pursue a new centre-back in the form of Chelsea's David Luiz and Liverpool's Daniel Agger. Both defenders, however, have turned out to be very difficult to get and so it may not come as a surprise that the search is over for now.

Martino himself seems confident with the current team:

"We have Puyi in defense, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Marc Bartra and even Adriano. If someone gets injured, the January transfer window is only months away."

This decision has its risks though. If someone was to get injured early in the season Barca could be in trouble and January might not feel so close after all.

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