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Barca Blaugranes FIFA Tournament

Who doesn't love FIFA? An idea to connect the members of the blog through the virtual game that we love.

Chung Sung-Jun

Honestly, as a football fan, who doesn't love FIFA? Of course, there's always PES but besides higher quality likenesses to players, there isn't much there. While there are other competitions for us to partake in, such as the fantasy league or the Score Prediction, those take all season long and only takes a few minutes of your time. Hence the FIFA tournament; a fun game to play, and a way to connect us all.

The difficulties in this tournament arise in the fact that I have no idea what system, if any, each member has. If we had enough people join in the tournament however, I'm sure we could find ways to set it up. The tournament could be set up either as a league and each member plays each other for points, or as a knockout tournament. A knockout tournament would most likely be the more probable choice, as having to connect everybody for all their league games would be a near impossible task. Besides the glory of being the best FIFA player, unless we had a low level buy-in like $1-2, there wouldn't be a prize. That would be up to everybody who joined though.

As for ideas, I would love to hear them so we could set this up!

If you want to join, leave which system you have and also ideas for the tournament.

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