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Javier Mascherano Wants FC Barcelona Fans To Cut Out The Negativity, Focus On The Positives

Javier Mascherano granted an interview to RAC1 programme "Primer Toc", in which he expressed his surprise at the negativity of some FC Barcelona supporters

Jasper Juinen

In an interview with Catalan radio station, RAC1, FC Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano spoke out against some of the club's supporters, expressing his surprise at the constant negativity of Culés. On the station's "Primer Toc" programme, which was broadcast last night, Mascherano wondered whether Barcelona's vocal supporters have a tendency to be "self-destructive", and exclaimed that some supporters don't appear to "savour the success" that the club has given them.

Really, it's hard to disagree with Mascherano; El Jefecito admitted that Barcelona struggled in their two-legged tie with Bayern Munich and was frustrated that those two matches overshadowed the rest of the season -- particularly given how successful the rest of the season really was for the Blaugrana. "We won the league with 100 points, and it seems we get nothing".

Mascherano noted that the relentless negativity has also carried over into the new season, commenting that the Supercopa win hasn't been enough for some fans, who are "always looking for a 'but', that we could have played better, or that we could have won."

Just think about it -- Barcelona sign one of the best players in the world, a 21 year-old Brazilian forward by the name of Neymar, fighting off competition from arch-rivals Real Madrid -- but all anyone can focus on is the club's inability to add a new central defender, a grave mistake that has cost Barcelona a staggering zero defeats (and worryingly, a terrible three goals, at an average of 0.6 goals per game) so far this season.

Would it hurt for everyone to be optimistic for a change?

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