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The “Cesc”aga

Denis Doyle

January 5th 2014, the ticker keeps on ticking. Our generation is one of the luckiest of the lot. We have been through times where mobiles did not exist and owning a computer was a privilege. But, we are also the generation that has taken the most advantage of this technology. With the help of this technology, we have been able to interact with people from different cultures and mind-sets. Even though we live across the globe, we all get together in joy as well sorrow.

And I would personally like to thank the entire BarcaBlaugranes team, especially Bostjan who gave me a chance to be a part of this wonderful group. My love for FC Barcelona encouraged me to start writing, and BarcaBlaugranes gave me the opportunity to share my views and opinions. And sorry Xoel, I could not finish the last video I promised – but the day I do your name will be up there.

And that is one of the reasons I have not been able to press enter on this post for the past one month. With less time on my hands these days, I have not been able to give my 100% dedication which eats me day by day. This will be my last post on BarcaBlaugranes and I would like to let you all know that all the conversations, arguments and even disagreements I have had with you has really been fun.

And I always wanted to say this OR to be clearer, quote the great, the best and the outstanding Mr. Pep Guardiola "The Belt is getting too tight for me, but you hang on because the ride is going to go on."

It took me one month to post this. That’s the effect family has. I’m guessing Cesc Fabregas may be having mixed feelings right now. He left the captaincy at a great Club like Arsenal to join FC Barcelona, but still gets stick for almost everything. And when I say everything, I mean literrrrrallllly(Stretching the word to its limits) everything. Going by the statistics (courtesy: – He’s not doing that bad.





La Liga




Champions League





17 (4)



When Pep was in charge he was given credit to put him in the false 9 position - And he did perform similarly that season.

I think we Cules are the most confused lot of all. For instance, when Messi performs badly but as usual scores with a beautiful individual move we say "He’s Messi, he was saving his energy for this" (And in no way I am saying anything against Messi – just to be clear).

When teams started parking the bus around him, if someone like Messi could pull off only a few individual solos, I think it is quite unfair criticism we put on Cesc. In the false 9 position, Cesc does pull out a few rabbits from his hat, like the one against Villarreal (Still he’s Cesc, so that does not count ).

People argue that he left Arsenal to join a better team, which may or may not be true. But we still tend to forget that only because Barcelona is a great club, we managed to get a great player like Cesc. It works both ways, a win-win situation.

There may be an unknown reason for him to be playing false 9, because obviously

  1. That is not his best position
  2. He is a saw knife for the oppositions defence as an attacking midfielder.

But there may be a good reason for that, as not all of our last three coaches can be considered fools.

There are some players that their knowledge of the game is astounding, that they can fit anywhere, while there are some players who have great skills and talent, and are versatile, but are at their peak when played in their zone. Look at Pedro, he still helps out on defence, but is now given more attacking freedom. Before this season, I could never imagine him dribbling or shooting. I genuinely thought he would make a great wing back and I’m glad I am not a coach. Same goes for Cesc - Great Player, very versatile, but sadly is being compared to Messi – and I do believe, that given the confidence, and on his day he would be unbeatable in midfield.

And I would like to conclude by quoting Einstein "The reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once". So let time do the talking and we just sit back and enjoy watching our boys do what they do best.

Visca Barca!

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