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Mascherano and Rakitic are clearly disappointed with loss to PSG

And they should be!

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

The last two Barcelona players to speak after the loss to Paris Saint-Germain were Ivan Rakitic and Javier Mascherano. They didn't say much, but their few words were enough to show how painful and disappointing the loss was. Guess what? They are right.

Here's what Masche had to say:

"You don’t deserve wins. You have to achieve them. We didn’t start the first half well and we struggled to get into the second. You pay a high price for slight errors in games like these. But we carried on battling in the second half".

"Defeats are always worrying. We need to improve. We could have got a bit more out of it towards the end. But we have to lift our heads up because this hasn’t finished yet. We need to correct our mistakes and keep improving".


And that's what Rakitic said:

"Every game is a test for us. We have to carry on doing what we’ve been doing until now. We have to think positively because we have another very hard game on Saturday. We are self-critical every day".

"This day was always going to come. But we’re convinced by our football".


I know, it was depressing and painful, but hey, it's just a loss. Let's get better and move on, guys. The season is long and one result can't destroy a very good job done so far. Carry on, muchachos!

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