Flaws which Barca needs to address !

We all witnessed an expensive overhaul of FC Barcelona a few months before. Something which was completely necessary and a big boost for the confidence of our club and fans. Our board quite intelligently-zubizeretta especially-eradicated all the major flaws in our previous barca. But the flaws are always present and those can be removed. Lucho needs to address these problems and BRING ON THE TREBLE !


Although our defence has been improved beyond our imaginations, but still some cracks are present. First of all our RB position and the problem is being created by lucho itself. Alves is past his peek, we all know but lucho trusts him. Whereas Montoya is also present with something to prove but lucho does not has faith in him.Then there's the problem of centre back pairing. He truly needs to get mascherano off that position. We have a world class DM in his form and we are destroying his experience by using him as CB.


First of all, tell alves to stop crossing. Most of our passing game is lost by his crossing. Then, give Montoya chance to play, at least home games. In this way alves can be preserved for big games and we can all see Montoya in action ( which all cules want). Then form a centre back pairing with four of our CB's. Pique-Vermaelaen and Bartra-Mathieu. Its first advantage is that we'll have one right footed and one left footed CB. One will be 6'4 and one 6'2. And it would be more balanced this way. Then for the DM position use Mascherano against teams with 4-3-3 formation who want to pressurize like us and other steely teams except for RM. Busquets deals them better ! Moreover rotation must be done at DM position too ! ( Busquets needs to undergo some surgery of which I read)

As for midfield, we just need to keep faith in iniesta to adapt to our new system. Rakitic needs to be more composed for big games and we'll be fine. And for our attack, we need just one thing SUAREZ ! Bring on the TREBLE !

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>