El CLasico tactics and-the impact of SUAREZ !

We are all eagerly waiting for the El Clasico to hit the tv screens as soon as possible. We wait for this fixture all year long to arrive, to be able to beat our bitter rivals and make them lick the dust of defeat. And finally it is just 2 days away. But the pressure on Barca is immense this year because of their high standards they are maintaining throughout the la liga. The biggest pressure is to keep the clean sheet intact because if we manage a clean sheet in the clasico then we can easily make a new clean sheet record ( atletico madrid 9 game clean sheet record). The 2nd pressure is on messi to break the la liga record for the most goals with his brace. Although its not impossible but a little tough. And the most crucial one is to defeat real madrid at their own home and increase the point difference in the la liga table. But for all this to happen Barca needs certain tactics to achieve all this. Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Most heighted back four with less attacking fullbacks:

We all know that the average team height of real madrid is more than that of barcelona and that gives them an edge on corner scoring because they are really good at it. For that, we must have all of our defenders to have maximum height to avoid corner goals. Moreover it will give us a better chance at our own corner goals ( although thats too much to ask). Plus with less attacking full backs, we will be able to stop the counter attacking of our opponent at a higher ratio. We all know the pace of madrid at counter attack, moreover the pace at which Ronaldo is currently playing can be dangerous for us. To avoid any kind of situation like that we must place full backs with high defending capacity. Dani alves can be left to shreds when ronaldo runs at a counter ( and i dont want a goal from ronaldo in the clasico especially).

Preferred lineup: Montoya-Pique-Bartra-Mathieu

2. Diamond Midfield:

Although we have played a 3 man midfield in all our matches but this fixture truly needs a diamond midfield to accomplish our win and mantain our records. But i am not talking about a double pivot situation. I want a DM, two CM's with an AM. In this way we can easily mantain our possession of ball frequently and lessen the weight of midfield responsibility from the shoulders of messi.

Preferred lineup:DM-Busquets, RCM-Rakitic, LCM-Xavi, AM-Iniesta

We always need busquets to play against madrid because he is crucial to our passing system. He makes interceptions no one does and his vision always needed. Then we have rakitic who has quickly adapted to our system and will be needed to make long range shots. Plus his box to box service can be well rewarding against ronaldo because he can tackle ronaldo well due to his body instead of montoya or alves. Well el maestro can be used in every match and he makes the impact on match as similar to messi in attack. He simply comes and increases the possession ratio by 5% single handedly. His vision is scarce in this world and we can always benefit from his skill set to defeat our opponent. Its about time that iniesta has hit his top form and has made himself ready for the clasico. His assist to messi and his dribble attempt towards goal are the evidence of his top form. With him having as our AM he can create chances better and let messi be more focused towards his goal mission. With our unsung hero, Croatian killer, El Maestro and El Illusionista, RM can be at their wits end.

3. Messi-Neymar Combo:

With messi and neymar, both playing in their more natural position we can expect a greater deal of goals from them. Neymar will be more comfortable as a LCF rather than a LW and can finish his chances in a better way. And with messi as our RCF, the responsibility of assists and midfield would be lessened because of the diamond midfield at our back. We all want and messi needs to score a brace to become the top scorer of la liga. But if this amazing achievement is achieved at Bernabeu, it adds more spice to the treat. With messi relieved off his midfield duties, he has a greater chance of scoring and achieve his record.

I think that this gameplan is complete in every way and will make barcelona more strong for madrid to handle. Visca El Barca !

The Impact of LUIS SUAREZ:

If u want to see the impact of suarez on a single match, watch " Uruguay vs England". When a half fit suarez jumped from his wheelchair to lead his country to victory with two goals. Two attempts and two goals. Such is the awesomeness of luis suarez. He can decide a match from a 40 yards even. His directness towards goal and his goal shot aim is magnificent. Something which i admire very much. Plus his workrate, his constant rotation on pitch and positioning is an exact trouble package for any defending line in the world. Everytime he steps on the pitch, he scores. I hope that he scores a brace in every match and achieve the golden shoe for this year.

But he is just not ready for the clasico. Clasico needs perfection and he is a little off his touch. I have watched his friendly matches and although the overall performance is fine, its just not for the clasico. I would rather use him as a super sub for neymar after the 60th hour mark and let him make his impression. I really do want to suarez to score and grab the headlines for the next day.

In the future, when he'll have a better chance to dissolve himself in the barca system, i bet he is gonna chew la liga defenses. BEWARE! SUAREZ IS COMING!

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>