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Claudio Bravo is close to setting record in La Liga

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Just twenty more minutes!

David Ramos

Six games, six clean sheets. Just a few saves, but all of those were great. Claudio Bravo has taken over the goalkeeper spot at Barcelona, showing that Ter Stegen has to wait a bit of time to be Barça's number one goalie.

In fact, Bravo is close to setting the all-time record of most minutes without conceding a goal in La Liga. That record, incidentally, is owned by one legendary Barcelona GK. Pello Artola set the mark in the 1977-78 season, when he only let a ball enter the net in the 20th minute of Barça's seventh Liga game, against Hércules. Barça won 4 of the previous six games at the time, similar to the campaign this season. In the match against Hércules, Artola conceded twice, and the Blaugrana lost 2-1.

If Bravo is able to sustain 21 minutes without conceding against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday, he'll set an impressive mark, especially for a Barcelona GK. The club is not exactly known for a historically great defensive system, but it is interesting to see that the record belongs to a former Barça goalie, and that another Barça goalie has a chance to shatter that mark. That's football.

Let's root for Bravo to keep another clean sheet, set the record and establish himself as the best goalkeeper in Spain. BRAVO, Claudio!