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Javier Mascherano wants to end his European career at Barcelona

Talk about loyalty.

David Ramos

Javier Mascherano is one of the most underrated players in the current Barcelona scene, if not in the current world football scene. His ability to be a very good center-back, along with his spectacular showing as a defensive midfielder in the World Cup, confirms that Mascherano is one of the most versatile and dedicated players in this sport right now.

The great thing for Barça fans: he wants to play there for as long as possible. Masche gave an interview to a Catalan website, and he showed how loyal and dedicated he is to his club. Take a look at some highlights of his answers:

"We've started the League as we wanted, with good results and the lead. But we are conscious about the improvements we have to make in order to maintain that lead.

Barcelona is a club that obligates you to fight for your spot everyday and to win all titles. We are obligated to get to end of the season with chances of winning all competitions. It's a thin line between winning and losing.

Luis Enrique is a coach that has a lot of character, and he wants his players to have the same character. He wants his teams to play with intensity and to always attack.

At the end of last season, I talked to the board and made clear that it wouldn't be fair for them to keep me if I couldn't do anything to make the club better. I should walk away if that was the case, because of everything that Barça has given me over the years. But the board and the manager showed that they trust me, so I will make the most out of the next four years of my contract, and I'll give everything I have for this club.

I extended my contract to finish my European career at Barça. I want to play until the end of the contract. I'll be 34 then, so I think I'll go to another league, perhaps Argentina.

Over the last few years, everything I won is because of players like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. They have made this team one of the greatest of all time. Especially Messi, he has given a lot to Barça, and Barça gave a lot to him.

The criticism of Messi last season was, in many moments, out of line. We got used to seeing him do unbelievable things, that only he can do. If he didn't score goals, it seemed like he wasn't doing those things anymore, but that is crazy. I don't think I ever saw a bad performance by Leo. He's the best ever."

Source: TOT Sant Cugat via Sport

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