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Rafinha Alcântara is hurt again

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Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

It seemed like Rafinha Alcântara was set to come back and be available for the game against Rayo Vallecano, but that was not the case. And there are more bad news today. He is hurt again, in the same hamstring that was injured two weeks ago.

From Barça's website:

First team player Rafinha Alcântara sustained an injury in his left hamstring after this morning's training session. He is out for precaution and his evolution will determine his availability for next week's practices."


DAMN. Just damn.

Oh, Rafinha is out of Brazil's U-21 squad that was going to play two friendlies in the upcoming days. He is going to stay at the club's facilities to rehabilitate and completely heal from the injury.

Please come back A.S.A.P, Rafa. Please!