BARCA is gonna get super rich !

During the era of Laporta, Barcelona cruised through victories and achieved several milestones and honours. But another problem which was moving parallel to the success was the rising debt and financial crisis. When Sandro Rosell superseded Laporta in 2010, Sandro was given a huge task to give Barca the success and financial stability both. Although the success was not so fluid but financial crisis was somewhat lessened. Later on 23/Jan/2014 Bartomeu became incharge as the new Barca President.

Since then we have lost the la liga, copa del rey and champions league all. But the positive point is that we are much more financially stable and better able to spend. The big summer spree which resulted in the overhaul of the Barca squad was eyewitnessed by everyone and that is the proof. We spent an all around 145 million pounds on buying players. And i hope this spending pays off in achieving the treble this year.

But there is still a $200 million debt. So how are we gonna get rid of it and get rich? The answer is below (and i might tell you that FIFA supports us unknowingly)

The following points will give you the answer:

1. Departure of Xavi and Dani Alves

Although the departure of xavi and alves will bring some disadvantages on the pitch, it will give some benefits off the pitch. Both of them are high wage earners and thier retirement means less wages. Moreover there is no next strong candidate for high wages (except busquets and iniesta). Thus some money will saved and used somewhere else.

2. Transfer Ban:

This is where FIFA supports us unintentionally. Although it may seem odd to many but it is like a blessing in disguise. With the departure of xavi and alves, we would have gone immediately into the market to buy a costly CM and RCB but this not the case now after the imposement of transfer ban. Indeed the very children for which we have encountered this ban will sort us out now (denis suarez, halilovic). As a result we have already saved a 50+ million for the buying of new players in the next transfer window. We will trust our younger ones and they will reward us because they are extremely talented, so why spend money on non la masia graduates.

3. La Masia:

It is the main factor for our financial ressurection. We have an incredible talent at our hands ready to be tested which supports us a lot in the long run. e.g. with pedro underperforming we might have bought a winger next year (MAY BE) but in deulofeu, sandro and munir our attack is already filled up. Plus with neymar (22), messi (27) and suarez (27) we have young atackers in their prime and if this MSN strikes out we wouldn't need to buy any attacker for the next 5 years minimum. Same is with defense, we have 4 pure CB's and no one is near old ( moreover the oldest CB is giving the most competition to the younger ones.) Denis, Halilovic, Rafinha, Samper are all ready to shoulder the responsibilities of midfield. In Grimaldo we'll be able to replace adriano easily after two years. So with all this awesome talent we are easily saving 200 million pounds.

And these are all the profitable factors without sponsorships and yearly revenues. With things moving the Barca's way, in the near future i am able to see a debt free Barca which is equally in riches as Real Madrid. A richer Barca means a better, powerful and a more fan loving FC Barcelona. (Amen)

This is my first fanpost so please give some reviews and opinions to make my future articles better.

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