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Barcelona vs Huesca: Pick the Lineup

Hell, this game's so easy that one of us could actually replace Lucho, not just play him... But hey, let's do this!

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Even though the last game ended in a disappointing draw, Barcelona are still carrying a nine-game streak without a single loss, and they've won eight of those nine matches. It's a very good time for Barça, and the next game is a perfect chance to extend the unbeaten streak to ten matches.

After an easy 4-0 win away from home against Huesca, the Blaugrana open the Camp Nou doors to Huesca, in a historic match for them, for sure. Even though they don't have any chance to shock the world and beat Barça to advance in Copa Del Rey, this is Camp Nou, and that experience alone should be awesome for a team that's not used to big stadiums.

For next Tuesday's match, coach Luis Enrique should use the opportunity to rest his biggest stars and give more minutes to the guys who haven't played as much -- MONTOYA, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Sorry --, so they can be in the best possible shape for the remainder of this season.

So how about playing Lucho and selecting YOUR favorite alternative (or not) lineup for the game? It's simple: please fill out the attached form below and name the eleven guys YOU want to see starting, as well as the seven bench players. We've added a few Barça B players to the options, so you'll have a chance to select them, if you want. Don't forget to also use the comment section below to state why you chose a specific lineup, so we can all have a nice discussion. Have fun!

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