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Report: Juventus FC set to make offer for Pedro Rodríguez and Martín Montoya

The Old Lady is all over Barça

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Juventus is one or two players away from being an European title contender again. They're the strongest team in Italy by far, but they still struggle to be respected elsewhere. The right moves at the January transfer window might get them closer to the place where they'll get respected. And The Old Lady thinks that Barcelona provides them with the two right players they need.

According to multiple reports from Italy and Spain, Juventus have their eyes set on two players, specifically: Pedro Rodríguez and Martín Montoya. The former has been criticized over his bad performances in 2014, and his name has been all over the Rumor Mill, even though he is not expected to go away now that he's enjoying great performances at Barça.

Montoya, however, is almost a sure bet to leave the club. After being snubbed multiple times over the last few years, the right-back has informed the team that he no longer wants to be on the bench. Since his decision to leave has been known, Juventus have formally expressed their interest and they look set to make an official offer to formalize their intentions to acquire the player.

Barça are reportedly willing to accept the offer, but they'll have to wait until the Court of Arbitration for Sport decides whether or not they will cancel the ban that right now forces Barcelona to stay quiet and not make any sort of transfer move. If the ban is indeed nullified, then the Blaugrana will concede Montoya his wish, and he will be free to go anywhere he wants. Right now, it appears that Juventus are the front-runners.

Following his great performances in recent weeks, Pedro has publicly said that he doesn't want to leave:

That determination to continue at the club, combined with his recent showings on the pitch, will most likely mean that he won't go away in January. It looks like Juventus will have to look somewhere else to find the right player. This guy will not be Pedro.

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