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FC Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain: Pick the Lineup

Let's play Lucho in a big game!

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Following a very good win at the Catalan Derby, life goes on for Barcelona, and the next game is a huge test to analyze the team's chances in the whole season. The French champs roll into town, and a battle will happen for the number one spot in Group F. Barça and Paris Saint-Germain will decide who's coming out of the UEFA Champions League group stage on top. It's always important to finish on top in your group. Even though there's a draw for the knockout stage, things tend to get easier for the group leaders. So a win against PSG is a must for Barça.

And the team will miss an important piece of the squad. After a poor start to the season, Dani Alves has shown some improvement over the last few games. He's not the old machine of the Guardiola Era, but the Brazilian is contributing enough, and the mistakes are disappearing. Due to an automatic suspension for a yellow card accumulation, Dani will miss the PSG game, and that will complicate things a bit for Barça coach, Luis Enrique.

There are three main options: Adriano, who is originally a left-back but has played a lot of RB for not only Enrique, but all the other Barça coaches; Douglas Pereira, the controversial signing from Brazil, who hasn't impressed in any of his two appearances as a Blaugrana; and Martín Montoya, the La Masía product who never got a real chance, and probably never will get, due to some reported attitude issues. It's a difficult decision for Enrique, and that decision can have an impact on the outcome of the match.

So how about playing Lucho and not only deciding who's the right-back, but also the whole squad for the game? It's simple: please fill out the attached form below and select the eighteen-man squad YOU want to see in uniform on Wednesday. First, name the eleven guys YOU want to see as starters, then select the seven bench players you think could contribute if they get called. You can also use the comment section below to state why you chose a specific lineup, so we can all have a nice conversation. Have fun!

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