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Liverpool's Pepe Reina (On Loan at Napoli) Could Transfer as 2nd Choice at Barcelona Next Season

Former Barcelona player and current third-choice in the Spanish national team, Pepe Reina continues to be linked with a return to the Camp Nou. With Marc-Andre Ter Stegen likely taking the #1 goalkeeping spot, Reina could be second-choice. (Plus: BONUS Pepe Reina Spanish national team nicknames!)

Jasper Juinen

While Marc-Andre Ter Stegen's signing looks like a formality as several media reports in Spain confirmed he had passed a medical, Pepe Reina's future is a lot murkier.

Reina plays for Napoli right now, on loan from Liverpool. "I'll be here right to the end, but even I don't know what will happen next," Reina said. Neither do we.

Reina seemed very eager to join Barcelona last year as Victor Valdes announced he was leaving. But Valdes stayed on for one last year, leaving Reina in an awkward position as Liverpool had already signed Simon Mignolet as a replacement.

Barcelona were apparently going to bring back Reina - a former academy player and starter for the Catalans - had Valdes left. Now that Reina is on loan to Napoli, and set to return to Liverpool, the interest has been sparked yet again.

Reports in the media are conflicting. Mundo Deportivo, who are closer to Barcelona, said Reina was not interested in coming in as a backup and would reject Barca. However, La Gazzetta dello Sport, who are closer to Napoli, went as far as to say that Reina will join Barcelona next season. The fee out in the media is 4 million pounds.

While Reina is not rated as highly as he once was, he has put in a decent season at Napoli. And given his experience and past, he would be a comfortable fit between the sticks for Barca. He is popular in the Spanish national team and seems to enjoy the city. But questions remain about his consistency.

Would Reina accept a role as backup? Or would he only move with the idea of competing for the starting spot?

In either case, and by popular demand, here is Reina's speech from the 2010 World Cup. After winning the cup, Reina gave an animated speech to adoring fans during a street parade in Spain. It's also notable for revealing nicknames and in-jokes used in the national team. For the first time as far as I know, here is the translated script:


And with #1... On May 20, 1981 a saint is born in Mostoles, stopped a penalty against Paraguay in the quarterfinals , blocked everything in the air in the semifinal against Germany, he pulls out a foot to Robben in the final, he pulls out a hand to Robben in the final, IKER CASILLAS!

With #2, the friend of the famous, he kills for a pin, loves Blackberry, RAUL ALBIOL!

With #3, the friend of showbusiness, the dandy of Spain, the world's centerback, GERARD PIQUE!

With #4, the 'pater' of Spain, 55, 55 games unbeaten , nobody does it! The father, CARLOS MARCHENA !

With #5, the head of Spain, we got into the final with his head and his Tarzan hair, the man who eats tibias, CARLES PUYOL!

With #6, sweet, sweet Iniesta! The man who wrote the script of the final, the man who the whole of Spain loves, ANDRES INIESTA!

With #7, the goal of Spain, the goal of Spain has a name, the 'Guaje' (Kid), DAVID VILLA !

With #8, the baton, the baton, over here, over here, over here, now I take, now I give, XAVI HERNANDEZ!

With #9, it all started 2 years and 13 days ago, scoring the goal against Germany, he made ​​us dream, he made ​​us believe, that's why we have won this cup, FERNANDO TORRES !

With #10 - well he doesn't want me to call him "empanao" (absent-minded) but ... Let's see. Come here. With #10, he has a heart...

[This is when Cesc still played for Arsenal and Pique and Puyol put on a Barcelona shirt on him as a prank]

The future of Barça , the future of Spain, CESC FABREGAS!

With #11, the owner of the left flank, the incombustible, the phenomenon, the ugly as hell, JOAN CAPDEVILA!

With #12 The Panther of Hospitalet, the genius, the character. Come here. They say we don't get along, [they hug] take that! VICTOR VALDES!

With #13, the magic ankle, the friend of feinting, JUANIN MATA !

With #14, the lung, look... war wounds for his country, for Spain, XABI ALONSO!

With #15, the Indian from Camas , the lung of the right flank, he goes up - like the Mister (coach) says, 'he is a little nervous when it comes to crossing, but he does it very well.' The Indian from Camas, SERGIO RAMOS!

With #16, to me, the man of the World Cup, the Snowplow of Badia, The Octopus of Badia, The Tentacles of Spain, the man who steals, gives, takes, plays and lets others play, SERGIO BUSQUETS!

With #17, the 'truffle' will present himself, we call him the Spartan, why...?

[Arbeloa: "Spartans, what is your occupation? HA-ROO! HA-ROO! HA-ROO!"]


With #18, goes to the bathroom and he sprints, goes to eat and he sprints, goes to bed and in bed, he's running. The authentic and unique, PEDRITO!

With #19, the Truck of La Roja (Spain), the man who pulled us against Portugal. Portugal's defenders looked like bowling pins. He carried them, all three, all four, all five, The Truck of La Roja, FERNANDO LLORENTE!

With #20, from the high ovens of Bilbao, the man who recovers most balls on the planet, the strength, the grit, the muscle, the sacrifce of Spain, JAVI MARTINEZ!

With #21, from the Canary Islands, with his sambita, with his cunning, with his art, over here, over there, the feint, now, not now, I give it, take it. The pony, measures 1.40, DAVID SILVA!

With #22, here we have a problem. He has escaped from an asylum, just wait until you see his face. And he escaped running and they're not going to catch him, because he runs a lot. The Crazy Bird (Woody Woodpecker), the nervousness of the national team, JESUS NAVAS!

And with #23, with a headache that I cannot keep going, this humble speaker, who is with you in our hearts!

And because it can't be any other way... Kindness in person, the right man, there are no empty words, the coach who brought us here, and who has made us win the gold, the yellow, which we all dreamed, DON VICENTE DEL BOSQUE!

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