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FC Barcelona Handed Transfer Ban

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As if things couldn't get worse...

David Ramos

I hate being the bearer of bad news but the proverbial shit has hit the fan once again. FC Barcelona was handed a two year transfer ban for issues related to signing international players who are minors. The club was also fined 369000 Euros.

There is a precedent when Chelsea were handed a similar ban in 2010 which was overturned after an appeal. However, it's fair to say that this is a huge problem for Barcelona.

The club needed this transfer window more than any in the last few years. Unfortunately, we don't have any information with respect to appeal so it's best that everybody waits for official word from the club.

Moreover, the signings of Marc Andre Ter Stegen and Allen Hallilovic might not happen.

It seems the Spanish FA is also considered responsible and will face punishment from FIFA.

More updates as and when we find out but for now, here is the link to FIFA's news release.

If this doesn't have members clamoring for elections, I don't know what will.