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Former FC Barcelona Coach Tito Vilanova Dies

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Sad news, Cules. The former coach has died after an extended fight with cancer.

David Ramos

Tragedy has struck again.

Tito Vilanova was supposed to be coaching FC Barcelona this season. Instead, he was in a hospital last night. And today, it is with a heavy heart that we must pass on the sad news. Tito has passed away.

Tito struggled with cancer since 2011, and while he was able to overcome it to eventually lead FC Barcelona to a league title, he was very unfortunate to have suffered a relapse.

Vilanova was a La Masia graduate and had a professional football career as a player, but his real gift was coaching. As Pep Guardiola's main man, he was one of the geniuses behind Barcelona's best period.

His record was a bit less sterling as head coach, but it's hard to fault him. Tito was fighting for his life one week, giving instructions to the players the next.

Yes, the team was spent, emotionally and physically by the time the Champions League semifinals came along. But getting 100 points in La Liga in your only try isn't so easy. Only one other coach has done so, and it too him 3 tries.

He had to step down this past summer when the sad news of a relapse struck. It made football seem unimportant to us. It hurt the team sporting-wise, but who cares?

Well, Tito cared. You can say whatever you want, but he cared for Barcelona. We may never fully understand the depth of the sacrifice he made last season.

Tito loved FC Barcelona. And we love him.

Our thoughts are with his family.